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The Ascended Masters: Now is a Time to Celebrate

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Your year 2012 has served to act as a year of many energetic boosts that serve to rapidly change and transform the very structures of the surface of your world and how events play out on the surface of your world. Every single moment of your experience, each and every dark influence is being taken away and integrated by each and every one of you as you experience the surfacing of your former selves; those parts of yourselves that have been based in the lower dimensions, whom you have willingly fed throughout so very many Lives.

You have begun to hear the extent to which the dark souls on your world and in the astral realms of your world have been able to gain influence and power through the collectively fed and manifested densities of humanity, and now as there are thousands upon thousands of awakening souls upon the surface of Gaia who are performing these transmutations on so very many more levels than the personal and emotional levels, finally the surface of your world is beginning to reflect this happening, as has been predicted.

Everything is now being turned up in intensity with the many alignments being reached on your world, and as you are all reaching the very intense transmutation-points of those last fading away parts of yourselves who still seek to gain the most influence and control you the most, those inner-fed ego patterns within yourselves have both represented and fed the ‘elite’ souls on your world who now think that they can get away with their ultimate of aims and agendas on your world. Continue reading


No Going Back: An Assessment of Current Events

Written by Wes Annac

Wow, have a lot of events been flying at us fast this weekend and this week. This is a good time to take a look at all that is happening around us at a physical and spiritual level, and assess where we are at as a collective and where events on our world thus far seem to be taking us. It has seemed since the beginning of 2012 that many foundational changes and truths have been given and exposed, but we have all felt the uneasiness at times that accompanies the continual waiting for solid, true and telling events to manifest on our world.

Our ascended and channeled sources have been telling us that once these changes begin in the first noticeable and real ways, the effect is going to be like that of a snowball; as we will receive one revelation and truth after another, after another and so on in a very rapid and accelerated fashion.

This was not always the plan for these changes to come about. In fact, it was originally planned that the many changes and disclosures would begin much sooner and would have a more gradual effect upon the collective consciousness. However, it is clear that much of the collective is still steeped in the very density and ingrained darkness that has continued to feed the elites, albeit much less substantially than was even so a fear years ago.

Because of this and because of freewill and karma-related Life experiences still needing to be experienced and transmuted even by many Lightworkers and Light Holders, the many intense events have instead been pushed back and compressed, to the point that we will be receiving many revelations one after another, and will find ourselves with little time to move from one startling truth and disclosure to another. Continue reading

SanJAsKa: Starship Contacts and the Integration of Lower Energies

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Your ongoing processes thus far have been those of continually expanding and opening yourselves to new experiences and possibilities that you can now transform and bring into your reality and your perception of just what can and can’t be possible within your realms of experience. For so very long on your world, the general collective of humanity have been holding themselves back in that they perceive of a reality that is so very constricted, so very limited in the face of the true and pure realms of experience, consciousness and perception that lay just beyond the ever-fading horizon between your experiences and those of the unfiltered higher realms.

So very many of you are now realizing the extent to which we are making personal contacts using our starships during your night time, and suffice to say we are still acting within the freewill grants of every dear soul whom we choose to appear before, both in the night time and during the day time.

Before the very recent grants of authority that we have been given to increase our sightings to those awakening individuals who can find themselves open and able to receive such contacts, our showings were those of appearing before mass crowds of people during certain times. We have made ourselves known to those of the city of Phoenix [Arizona] multiple times in very undeniable ways, and we are now beginning to step up the personal contacts that we have been given the authority to make. Continue reading

Solara: A Summer Solstice Message

-Channeled through Wes Annac-

Your New Earth is blooming into being on a Grand scale at this moment and we, having a pure vantage point of matters on your world, can tell you with happiness that the foundations you have been laying for so very many years are now setting the stage for the many events, both physical and etheric in nature, that are to grace the surface of your world in the current thread of reality you all find yourselves within.

Indeed, foundations have been laid. The years leading up to this final year within your third dimensional reality structure have seen each and every one of you, no matter the circumstances of your finding yourselves on this world and how long you have been involved in your own awakenings in your current Lives, laying supreme and Lighted foundations for you to supersede the need to continue feeding any lower vibrations of any type or form. Continue reading

Love, Respect and Oneness: Our True Religions

Written by Wes Annac

I’ve been noticing a common theme in my own Life and in the expressions of many on the internet, and this theme is that of all that has been based in an illusory, physical experience, being disintegrated before our very eyes. For me personally, this has been quite a difficult process as I personally work through the final lessons I have given myself in this Life and am coming face-to-face with those last few aspects of myself ready to be transmuted and Loved.

Plenty of sources have been speaking of the lower entities who reside within the astral realms of our world and make themselves known through getting those of us on Earth to express the lower energies that would be bringing them through. These energies would include those of disrespect, angst, hate and fear among other traits that only bind one to the lower dimensional experience. Continue reading

The Pleiadian High Council: The Collective is Shifting the Energetic Balance

=Channeled through Wes Annac-

Note from Wes: Bringing through sections of this message brought me to tears. I hope this communication is helpful to you along your path, no matter where you find yourself at this time and who you find around you. :)  

Ah, how you are beginning to feel the effects of the alignments you have been given recently, in the most intense of ways that they could offer. We have been assisting you in any and every way that we can with the integration of the intense lessons that such alignments have been and will continue to be bringing you, and whenever you call upon us for any specific purpose, we leave our energetic ‘residue’ to assist you in many other endeavors you will find yourselves undergoing throughout your experiences after directly connecting with us.

The Divine qualities are being brought forth through many of you and balanced out and this is indeed a continual process that must be undergone with Love, grace and Joy. The act of balancing is one that is very important in your experience and in your finding of the energies and feelings of the higher realms that you have been growing toward, continually and purely.

Balance has always been a key, essential component to your experiences and the finding of balance has itself been a continual process in yourselves for the polarities fed and instated on your world have truly taken on impressions and Lives of their own.

You have been taught for many of your Lives to always be on the certain side of an issue or opinion, and now many of you are beginning to realize slowly but surely, the many methods and ways you have been holding yourselves back by feeding the duality and the polarity within yourselves. Continue reading

The Pleiadian Council of Nine: Humanitarian Efforts and Sightings of Galactic Federation Light Ships

We are the Pleiadian Council of Nine, and we are speaking to you through many conduits and scribes at this time while at the same time, taking part in the subtle disclosures that are being given to all those who know which signs to look for.

We have been showing ourselves in very veiled ways in your skies, and this is a subject that has been discussed very much and will continue to be discussed for the recent grants of ‘authority’ that we were given that have been discussed as well through other sources, saw that we were able to act in accordance with the overall collective freewill-manifested energies of humanity, which includes any new and pure Lighted energies manifested by the many Lightworkers now existing beautifully upon Gaia’s surface, to show ourselves to you in ways that can get your attention if you employ the belief that such showings of ourselves to you could be possible.

It certainly is, and many of you will begin to notice anomalies that we send you in your skies.

We say that this occurrence will pick up as humanity grows more and more and as you ready yourself as a collective for the experience of disclosure and of ascension alike.

Of course, the changes that you have been hearing about are to precede the overall Earthly ascension that is to result from the energies manifested by you as a collective from such changes, and we can say that the New World that you are quickly growing, learning and heading to, is so very different from your reality that the two will seem very much like day and night. Continue reading