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Love of God is pure, and love of Allah is selfless!
Allah prays for peace, but now it seems that if humankind want peace, a readjustment is inevitable!
Yes, the beginning of the present era is wonderful! But the direction of the human development is wrong! The endless pursuing from the outside of the mind has harmed the Earth to the extreme point……
The energy of the Earth is getting weak, and the running of the Earth has suffered serious damage!
The Earth extremely needs to be purified and taken care of urgently!
The merciful Allah, watching it in the eyes but pain in the heart!
He decided to transmit his infinite love and light to the Earth for a better purification and sublimation! The plan has started and everything is under programming smoothly.
Look, the Earth is now being surrounded by the powerful energy field of love and light!
The infinite energy is continuingly being transmitted to the Earth! Great changes have taken place every second on the Earth, and the energy is continuingly being poured into the Earth’s core to enrich it! Once the Earth’s core is enriched by the energy, the purification on the surface of the Earth will come naturally!
The humankind should feel happy and proud for this rare golden opportunity! More efforts should be made to coincide with the perfect ascension! But Allah hasn’t seen the spectacular event of joy but quite the opposite! It’s really regrettable! Continue reading