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Acclimating to Expansion & 10-10-10 Qualities Re-Visited

a message from Sanat Kumara channeled by Meredith Murphy

Greetings Dear One,

It is so good to connect with you and have this time to share and be in communion.

This meeting on the inner planes which we do with you, when you turn your attention to this, is a profound joy for us and also allows us to transmit to you, meaning, understanding, energy as information and attunements–all properties of accessing the gifts of larger contexts, or dimensions.

The 10-10 alignment is being felt already for those on Earth. As you re-visit the alignments of the crystal grid that have occurred on these triple portal days, there is a felt sense of the incredible momentum underway toward the 12-12-12 FULL ACTIVATION of the Crystalline Earth Grid. There is so much excitement about the wave of energy that will be released and permeate the planet as a result of this completion! And each time you progress through one of the prior triple date alignments which were, and now mark, huge milestones of completion and expanded circuitry being established in form, each time you spiral through this alignment you are uplifted by the knowing of the fullness of creation.

Life exists in wholeness. The wholeness of an energetic transmission exists at the moment it begins. Beginnings and ends are simply linear structures of communication. It’s also dynamically informed by experience and choice, but these in effect actually transform the beginning and thus create a different ending and this can occur from the “middle” so to speak, or anywhere along the continuum of expression. I know this is a conundrum for you to grasp and yet many many of you now simply know the truth of these kinds of principles, for the soul level perspective of your own being is more active in your experience and helps to hold the felt knowing of truth, without needing to use your mind to logically spell things out.

This is a great stride forward, an empowerment which is reflected in your increasing ability to tune to your own knowing regardless of appearances! This is such an enormous evolutionary stride for humanity and yet within the even larger aspirations of ascension as a planetary whole, this incredible surge into expanded wholeness has perhaps been a bit eclipsed! We want you to see this and to realize the implications of this, which are vast and deep. Continue reading