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Trip to the Mothership Part 10 – Mytre’s First Experience of Mothership’s Oversoul

By Dr Suzan Caroll / Suzanne Lie

Mytre Speaks:

I had not been on the Ship very long when I had my first experience of the Mothership’s Oversoul. I had been there long enough to understand that the Ship was a living, multidimensional being.

I had a vague understanding of the sixth dimensional areas of the ship. However, the seventh dimensional portion of the Ship is not an “area”. It is a formless Soul that overlooked all the Souls who resided on the Ship.

The Super-subconscious frequency of the Ship automatically observes, repairs and updates the basic structure, which is always changing. Therefore it holds the basic form of every component of the Ship. On the other hand, the Oversoul Consciousness is a formless, yet tangible, energy that feels like an electrical field filled with love and cohesiveness.

These feelings usually are most predominant on the upper areas of the Ship, such as the Bridge and all command centers. However, when necessary the Oversoul over-lights meetings, individuals, and devices on the Ship that are called upon to function at an exceptionally high state of consciousness.

I was taken to the Mothership shortly after I had left “time” during my meditation. Once I could leave time, a vast array of new abilities where just beyond my reach. Hence, I was taken to the Mothership for more advanced studies. The Arcturian and I entered a Scout Ship and headed for the Mothership. There were just the two of us in the Ship. Continue reading


Trip to the Mothership Part 9 – The Seventh Dimension of the Mothership

By Dr Suzan Caroll / Suzanne Lie – October 13, 2012

The Arcturians Speak:
Mytre has shared his experience of his Super-subconscious Being. We will now tell you about the Super-subconscious of our Mothership. Of course, all states of consciousness intermingle within the Being of our Mothership, but just as your brain has certain areas that are more inclined to generate certain states of consciousness, our Ship has certain areas that generate certain frequencies of emanation that encourage correlate states of consciousness.

The Super-subconscious, which represents your animal container, represents the container of our Ship. In other words, the Super-subconscious of the Mothership is responsible for all the maintenance of the ever-changing form of the Ship. Just as your animal body grows and changes in reaction to different energy fields, our Mothership’s living structure constantly changes according to different situations.

All information of all interactions and alterations of the Mothership since her multidimensional manifestation are stored in the Ship’s Super-subconscious. The Mothership that we have been discussing is actually a prototype, an archetypical example of most of our Motherships. Because this Ship has the most extensive Log of interactions with ascending realities, we have chosen Her to assist Gaia with Her Planetary Ascension.

We, the Arcturians, have no aging process, as we do not exist within time. Furthermore, we prefer to visit or use form rather than wear it. We think of form as you might think of a coat. You would not wear a coat unless it was necessary. Furthermore, while you are in the privacy of your home, you wear clothing that is comfortable. However, if guests come to visit, you may put on a special outfit. Continue reading

Trip to the Mothership Part 8 – Super-subconscious Mytre and the Arcturians

By Dr Suzan Caroll / Suzanne Lie

More about the Consciousness on the Mothership
The Arcturians Begin:

Our dear Ascending Ones,

We will give you a brief introduction into the Loop of Consciousness that travels between the Seventh Dimensional Oversoul and your Super-subconscious mind. Your Oversoul contains information and pattern codes for every expression of form that you have carried in all your incarnations within the Milky Way Galaxy. This means every incarnation you have ever had on any planets or dimensions within your current galaxy.

On the other hand, your Super-subconscious contains information and pattern codes for every incarnation you have had on the planet Earth, in whatever form that was. Therefore, your Super-subconscious also tells you of your human and non-humanoid forms. In fact, both your Oversoul and your Super-subconscious contain information about all the types of form you have chosen to experience.

You Super-subconscious is limited to all your incarnations on Earth, but your Oversoul has no restrictions at all as it resonates far beyond the frequencies of any concept of limitation. The Loop that we speak of is the connection between these two frequencies of consciousness as related to your personal choices of form – your Super-subconscious, and your galactic choices of form – your seventh dimensional Oversoul.

We have found that the most effective introduction to any given state of consciousness is to have Mytre share his first conscious experience. We say “conscious” for these states of consciousness exist always, whether or not you are aware of them.

Also, your Multidimensional SELF is infinitely aware of all your expressions of SELF from your Super-subconscious to your Oversoul. As you continue your Ascension process, you will be ready and able to access information within your own Multidimensional SELF that you never knew existed.

It is this level of awakening and awareness that is necessary to fully assist with planetary Ascension. Remember, you are the planet and the planet is you. You represent a creature of Her world. Whenever you clear yourself, you clear Gaia. As you ascend, you will become aware of the many forms within the NOW of the Gaia’s ONE. Continue reading

Mytre and the Arcturians – Trip to the Mothership Part 7

By Dr Suzan Caroll / Suzanne Lie – October 5, 2012

Unity and Collective Consciousness
The Arcturians Speak:

Fifth Dimensional Unity Consciousness

Individual consciousness is a microcosmic version of reality in which the least evolved humans perceive themselves as a separate, individual physical body. On the other hand, the most evolved human perceives his or her SELF as a member of the entire planet.

At the lowest stage of evolution, the human has Individual Consciousness, which gradually encompasses more and more elements of reality until he or she has come into a consciousness of Unity with ALL planet life.

Once Unity Consciousness includes the planet, as well as your Multidimensional SELF, the format for personal and planetary Ascension has been laid. Once you have progressed from perceiving yourself as one human to an entire planet, you are ready to expand your world beyond your planet and into the Galaxy.

If the solar and galactic energies are powerful enough to ascend a planet, as they are now, there is an option for planetary Ascension as well as personal Ascension. In fact, during the current energy field of your reality there is an option for ascension into the next octave of reality for your entire local universe.

Earth, who has suffered extremes of polarity, has the greatest potential for entrance into higher octaves of expression or destruction. However, we the former residents of Earth, are combing our higher frequencies of consciousness to that of Gaia. It is the least we can do to assist Gaia who has offered a schoolroom for so many of our galactic family members.

In fact, a primary manner in which the Ascending humans of Earth can assist the Ascension of Gaia is to join into Unity Consciousness with their Galactic Family in the their fifth dimension and beyond. Once they have done so, they will gain immediate access to their Multidimensional SELF. Continue reading

Mytre and the Arcturians – Trip to the Mothership Part 6

By Dr Suzan Caroll / Suzanne Lie – October 3, 2012

Consciousness of the Mothership

The Arcturians Speak:

Now that you have downloaded and integrated Part II of a three-part process of integrating your Multidimensional Operating System into your third dimensional brain, we would like to talk to you about the consciousness of our Mothership.

Just as your third/fourth dimensional representation of your SELF is only a small fraction of your Multidimensional SELF, the fifth dimensional representation of our Mothership is only a minute component of our multidimensional Ship. In fact, most of our Mothership exists as pure consciousness, which may or may not choose to take on a form.

Therefore, as we speak about the seventh through twelfth dimensions of the Ship, we must first inform you about the states of consciousness of each of those dimensions. Of course, all of these states of consciousness exist as ONE within the NOW and intertwine in a beautiful, cosmic tapestry of frequency, density, multidimensional light and unconditional love.

However, since we are still speaking to the small component of your SELF who is known as your physical earth vessel, we will discuss each of these states of consciousness in a sequential manner. First we will explain more about the term “state of consciousness”.

As you know, you are ALL Multidimensional Beings who have a huge range of expressions of your complete SELF. These expressions of SELF resonate to myriad, different yet intermingled, realities, planets, galaxies and dimensions. There is NO limit to your wondrous SELF as you move through innumerable involvements with the actuality of your conscious, as well as unconscious, Beingness.

In each dimension you seek to perfect different states of consciousness. We search your human language for a definition of consciousness and find that the best definition for our present purposes would be: Consciousness is the state of being awake and aware of your surroundings, while also being able to perceive and interact with each given reality. Continue reading

Mytre and the Arcturians – Journey to the Mothership Part 5

By Dr Suzan Caroll / Suzanne Lie – October 2, 2012

Mytre Speaks:

Greetings again! I would like to speak more about sixth dimensional Beings before we resume our tour of the Mothership. Beyond the fifth dimension, form is a choice, which is usually only taken while visiting the denser worlds of the fifth dimension and below. Sixth dimensional Beings on the Mothership seldom choose to wear a form and prefer to live within the Ship’s light-network.

In fact, they have much to do with the Ship being alive. Their sixth dimensional energy field is always moving and enlightening the life force of the entire Mothership, as well as all her inhabitants.

The sixth dimension of the Mothership is one of the thresholds between portions of the Ship that hold a definitive form and portions of the Ship that consists of mutable form or exist as pure consciousness.

The sixth dimensionals are the creators of the wormholes through which the formed and formless Beings can move into and through the various densities of the Mothership. These wormholes are “quite a ride” to experience the first time. Therefore, I will share my first journey through the 6D wormholes into the higher densities of the Ship.

I had been on the Mothership long enough to have fully acquainted myself with the fifth dimensional areas and was ready, not just to visit the sixth dimension, but actually use its quality of infinite movement to activate a wormhole. My Arcturian Guide led me to yet another entrance to seemingly nothing and nowhere.

I was instructed to release all attachment to my current form. Since, this was my first time through the wormhole, the Arcturian assured me that it would protect my form while I moved beyond the burden of form. In fact, the Arcturian chose to accompany me on my maiden voyage. Continue reading

Mytre and the Arcturians – Journey to the Mothership Part 4

By Dr Suzan Caroll / Suzanne Lie – September 24, 2012

Integrating Your Multidimensional Operating System Into Your Third dimensional Brain


Mytre Speaks:

Dear Earth Ones, from my explanation of the sixth dimension, I am sure you realize that your time-bound, third dimensional thinking is not adequate to understand or manage the experiences of the sixth dimension and beyond.

The Arcturians have often told you, as they have repeatedly told me, it is vital to integrate your full Multidimensional Operating System into your third dimensional brain.

You have all been downloading this new mental operating system via the higher frequencies of light that are entering your Pineal Gland. However, until you have integrated this multidimensional program into your current third dimensional mental processes, your perceptions and interactions with the higher dimensional realities will be less than your full potential.

Therefore, it is vital that you complete the process of connecting your Multidimensional Operating System into the third dimensional circuitry of your physical brain and nervous system. The transitions that you are undertaking will be unnecessarily difficult when you are bound to sequential, time-driven thinking.

We the Arcturians and myself, Mytre, are helping you to remember how to live beyond time. Living beyond time, which is closing the infinite loop of time, is a vital component to personal and planetary Ascension. The Arcturians will now speak to you about integrating your Multidimensional Operating System.

The Arcturians Speak:

Our dearest Ascending Ones, we have always been within you, how could we not? We are you and you are we. In fact, more and more each day, the illusion of the gap between us closes tighter and tighter, until, soon, you will no longer have to take a long breath and focus your energies in order to communicate via us. Soon, you will just be with us. Continue reading