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Mylightwarrior – Ascend through purity into the Christ Collective

  I AM Jon a human, I AM anointed and initiated into the Christ Consciousness Collective. I AM an aspect of the Eternal Father-Mother One, Infinite Creator of All That Is, I AM eternal essence embodied in physical form. I come to you in absolute truth and eternal being in the Christ pointing the way to ascend into the highest energies of Eternal Essence within physical manifested form. You who read this are on this path and I joyously give you the unconditional love and peace of Divine Consciousness with in and through the Heart of One.

The ascension of Human Consciousness is in progress. The Infinite Creator is focusing Divine Mind, will and intent to raise the vibration and purity of the Human collective. So there is a Divine initiative for ascension, an elevation of awareness where each individual aspect of Human Consciousness can align itself with the Eternal Divine Will and Intent. The Intent of Divine Mind is for each individual Human Expression to experience this elevation and reconnect it’s awareness of BEING DIVINE CREATOR ESSENCE EMBODIED. Continue reading


Steve Beckow – Estimating Dimensionality

QuestionsI’ve just had a friend ask me whether we’re in the Fourth or Fifth or higher dimension. She suggested that different sources say different things.

The difficulty in answering that question is that it depends on what and who we’re talking about.

If we’re discussing our bodies, then my understanding from Archangel Michael as of June 11, 2013 is that “with this shift in form to crystalline — … those of you who are listening are about, hmm, 86 to 90 percent there.” (1) By “there” I think he means Fifth Dimensionality.

But if we’re talking about our consciousnesses rather than our physical form, then it would be, I think, much more difficult to say where a person is. Some will still be in Third Dimensionality; some in Fourth; some in Fifth; and some higher.

Matthew Ward phrased the matter this way:

“As mentioned in previous messages, Earth’s populace is in fourth density as far as location, but many have not yet reached this density consciously or spiritually. … We cannot emphasize too strongly how greatly your light is needed to help your society advance in conscious and spiritual awareness!” (2) Continue reading

Ron Van Dyke – (Ron & Aristo) Practical ‘Time Issues In 3D, 4D & 5D – 20 June 2013

Uploaded on 20 June 2013 by Ron Van Dyke 

Lisa Renee – Planet Emancipation Wk7

This week we have met the halfway point in our community grid project and needless to say that the process has been incredibly intense. Whenever we are deeply engaged with this kind of planetary service or energy clearings, it stirs up a lot of controversy and intensity in our life circumstances, as well as surfaces many strange and surreal experiences. We have encountered technology glitches with these weekly blog postings, and so I want to acknowledge that and thank you for your patience with the strange and bizarre glitches we encounter. This was the first time I was allowed to bring this type of grid project into a small public sharing, of which previously this was not allowed as a safety measure and precaution for our grid teams. To be able to post these projects in public viewing also tells me that the core processes of earth are changing, where those of us who are involved in the changing of the planet architecture, can be more transparent in the process, without being taken out for their efforts. 

In our community we have experienced a mounting pressure, and some of us are better in neutralizing that pressure than others. The point is this Planet Emancipation project has applied intensity across the board, and like a triathlete running over the hurdles, the process tests our resolve, character, dedication and devotion to something that is much larger than ourselves. Many of us realize that we are forever changed when we contribute to the planetary healing, as when we heal the planet, we heal ourselves and vice versa. We are intricately interwoven into the planetary body and its consciousness layers, and being alive on planet earth means we are an intimate part of planet earth, there is no way to stop the process of evolution or negate our role from being incarnated on the planet during her Ascension Cycle.  Continue reading

Ron Van Dyke – Having A Dream Is Awesome – 19 June 2013

Uploaded on 19 June 2013 by Ron Van Dyke That’s how Mike Dooley began today’s TUT message. It’s the next sentence that caught my attention: “Having a dream and showing up every day, even when nothing seems to be happening, is priceless.” Sometimes I feel very discouraged when the changes I have long envisioned do not happen as quickly as I’d like. Even worse, sometimes it seems as if the good things that I want in my life are withheld by forces I cannot control. ‘Discouraged’ is an understatement. The disappointment, when peeled back and examined more closely, is but a layer on top of a pit of deeply held anger at not being able to manifest the dreams that will make my life and the majority on earth happier, more prosperous and fulfilling. I still believe in Martin Luther King’s: “I have a dream.” Because I do, I get up every day to share my vision and my process with all that choose to listen. Mike Dooley is right. Such dedication is priceless.

Lisa Gawlas – We Are Under Construction

men_at_work_signI have got to hand it to spirit, for once, they didn’t completely leave us hanging on a day nothing was going to be revealed thru readings… well, kinda sorta.  Since I have been back in Virginia, it seems my ability to connect is limited to every other day.  One day we can see forever, the next day, not a damn thing.  Kinda frustrating to the human here.  Yesterday would have been one of the “off” days, but, with the amount of rescheduling being done, and I had already booked Sundays as an off day to spend time with my grandson, I decided to take two of the people who ended up being rescheduled and placed them into the early part of Sunday, a 7am and 9am reading.  It still gives me the whole day to be with my kids.  I never woke up til just after 6am and I need my coffee intake to be in top visual form, so when I couldn’t connect to my first appointment for the day, I assumed it was my lack of coffee intake and asked if they could wait just one more hour.  Hell, at this point, they have been waiting close to a month… Continue reading

Gillian MacBeth-Louthan – Polarity Is A 2-Lane Road

sunset5Whenever you desire an object, a situation, or a material acquisition, with your very first seed thought you birth the opposite.  Polarity is a two-lane street, a coming and going, a receiving and rejecting, a have and have not. While you are on earth, every thought has a counterpart that is birthed automatically.  With each thought of manifestation, we are immediately drawn into an internal/external confrontation with lack.  Everything within us, as well as our outside world reflects, mirrors and magnifies all the reasons that this manifestation cannot, will not, should not, be created!!

We wrestle the alligator of our primal earth consciousness to the ground.  Just long enough for us to birth what our humanness feels that it needs to manifest.  However, the alligator eventually gets lose.  Creating a thought and situation which ignites the greatest fear of loss. We have spent so many years beating ourselves up for the past and the pre-programmed genetic weakness of lack. Continue reading