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The Solar System Is Changing – A Review [All Articles Fair Use] – 19 June 2013

Uploaded on 18 June 2013 by Suspicious0bservers

There is no such thing as doomsday. The articles shown here are from NASA, NOAA, ESA, and other official sources.

Yes there is an ad, get over it. You will still NEVER see it in the news videos.

This video compiles images from “They Should Tell You”, “Electromagnetic Event”, “Our World is Changing”, “Solar System Shift”, and “Energy from Space” — the links can be found there — this was not a dissertation folks, just a review. Plus they didn’t let me put all the links in from those videos so you can find them if you want to find them.

This educational video qualifies under the fair use exception of the US Copyright Act and all that other nonsense :) Yes that’s legal jargon.


4 Minutes News – Quake Watch Uptick, Sunspot Discussion – 16 June 2013

Ron Van Dyke – Peters And Ron Talk About Passion & Value – 9 June 2013

Uploaded on 9 June 2013 by Ron Van Dyke Recorded after Ron’s video yesterday, technical difficulties prevented Peter’s image from showing up in the video, unfortunately allowing the listener to only hear him without actually seeing him. Peter begins by expanding on his recent video: “Your Uniqueness and I Dread the ‘How’” filmed on May 31st. Peter brings up Michael Tellinger and the Umbuntu Party in South Africa; and the discussion quickly turns to passion and value with Peter bringing up the way we are educated in schools to place a value on everything we do, and how we defend that value passionately. He uses examples in the spiritual community to illustrate his point. Ron mentions a recent TED Talk featuring Sugata Mitra: Build a School in the Cloud showing where kids, left to follow their own passion, learn naturally without the traditional teacher role. (…)

Natural News – Mike Adams – Californians Sign Petition To Inject Children With Mercury, Implement Orwellian Police State Modeled After Nazi Germany


(NaturalNews) Activist Mark Dice is at it again, this time asking citizens on the street of California to sign a petition mandating maximum mercury injections for children along with door-to-door gun confiscations using police and military forces.

Astonishingly, person after person gladly signs the petition!

This is even as Mark Dice is describing how it will work: “We’re going to model it after the police state in Russia and Germany,” he says. “We need a 1984-style Orwellian police state to keep us safe.”

A steady stream of people gladly signs the petition with their name, signature and zip code.

Even Mark Dice can’t believe people are signing a petition that openly calls for a Nazi-style police state takeover of America.

Watch the video here:

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Censorship of the OPPT through web URL blacklisting….

NOTE: We found the issue at Brian’s blog. Its a url he added in courtesy to where the article was found.  Removing the article URL should cure the problem on Brian’s site within the next 24 hours.  Still don’t know why Facebook is blocking my site.  No need for further screen shots of Brian’s blog being blocked by the Chrome browser. We may have to discontinue the practice of putting active links to the sources that articles are posted from if this kind of thing keeps up. -AK 
Censorship of the OPPT through web URL blacklisting….

We are noticing a deliberate attempt to censor American Kabuki and Brian Kelly’s blog through the so called Internet Security industry.   There are companies who offer lists of URLs that supposedly contain malicious web code (trojans, virus, spam, popups). Many of these companies offer no recourse for false positives.  Malicious blacklisting by shadow groups is a form of web site harassment and denial of free speech.

Facebook is using a company called WEBROOT that is issuing warnings that my blog contains malicious software.  There’s no software at all on my site.

Brian just got a notice from a Swedish reader, of a similar problem coming out of the Chrome browser in Sweden.

If you get such an error accessing any OPPT site, please take a screen shot of the error and email me it to me at:   We are going to file a list of the companies who engage in free speech censorship.

Perhaps we should also send them a Courtesy Notice?

AmericanKabuki – Allegations Of Big Irish Banks Operating Without A Banking License

Allied Irish Bank Logo
Sunday, 14 April 2013 15:42

Allegations Of Big Irish Banks Operating Without A Banking License

Since I started my series on the Irish banks, there’s been an outpouring of sympathizers, empathizers, consultants and analysts who have joined in to contribute information, data and insight to the efforts. Below is a contribution from a reader on his experience with AIB (see Global Banking Crisis – How & Why YOU Will Get “Cyprus’d” and As If On Cue, BoomBustBlog Shenanigan…). I have not verified the information contained herein, nor do I endorse it or it author. It is presented here for information purposes only.


Tom Darcy

The premise for my allegations came after a newspaper article was published on the 22nd of April 2012; Judge Mc Govern gave possession of my family home to AIB. The article in the Sunday Independent outlined the loss of my two brothers and mum and business. I asked publically for help and information, the response was overwhelming, one report was from an insider in the AIB who directed me to the Annual Banking Licence application form issued by the Central bank under the 1941-1989 Acts, which all Irish banks and international Banks trading in Ireland require. It became instantly clear that the bank had committed numerous criminal Acts in obtaining their Banking licence, as my statement to An Garda (Irish Police) shows below. Continue reading

Dana Mrkich – Parallel Lives And Alternate Realities

DanaMrkichLast night I received a newsletter from a Homeopathy clinic we go to, and in it they listed an upcoming talk on Hayfever. I thought it a bit strange timing-wise that they’d have a talk on Hayfever as it’s Autumn here but was very happy about it as I’ve been experiencing symptoms of it lately for the first time ever (and yes, I am looking into the energetic roots of that!). Anyway, I called them up and they were a bit confused because they definitely don’t have an upcoming talk about it, nor was it in last night’s newsletter!! 

I said I had just read it and remember it clearly almost word for word. They asked me to forward it to them just in case something technical had gone awry with perhaps old info accidentally being sent out. I went to my inbox, found the newsletter and guess what….there is no mention of the talk in it!! It’s a completely different newsletter to the one I read last night!! Somehow some alternate reality newsletter came through, prompting me to call the clinic, and here I am with an appointment for next week for a homeopathic consultation. Continue reading