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Rosalia of Telos: The Glory of Ascension is not far away

So many things are happening in your world it does seem that one can never keep up with it all. Time does seem to speed by does it not? In due time things will swing fully into view. What we speak of is the knowing that you need to move forward in your journey of love. Things like knowing where you really came from and what your divine plan is all about. All of these things will fall into place as you rise up in glory.

The glory we speak of is coming to understand the oneness, unity of all things and ascension to the higher planes. You have been in an illusion of separation. You have been led to believe that you must fear and distrust one another. You are about to find out the truth of who you really are and the real connection between each other and God. Once the truth prevails your world will change. This change will be one for the better as the path ahead will be one of love and compassion for each other. Continue reading


A Poem from Rosalia of Telos – Love Within the Heart

Telepathic message through: mylightwarrior

The divine love of the creator burns in each of your hearts. I caress you with the warmth of a heart of great depth and learning.

This heart beats and yearns for the light of love and creation. Each soul has within it this brilliant light.

This heart overtakes all with love and compassion. Feel this cause within yourself and as you nurture its uniqueness, it will blossom and grow.

Through this flowering a greater understanding of the father and mother will mature. To understand the parent is to understand the child and know who you are.

In the moment lies the vast stillness of my beating heart. No loneliness, only the rapture of bliss.

Turning to myself I see the infant born who loves the parents delight. I know that my cause is great and my love will push through.

Find that no soul will ever be lost. In time we see all find the love they yearn. 

I see your divinity showing through, no lonely heart here. Your stillness is great and vast and the bliss of your wish can come true.

Be divine in all your thought and image will be true. Oh how the creators light has made your love come true.  

I truly love you all with my heart each and every moment! Rosalia    

A message from Rosalia of Telos – July 21, 2011

Telepathic message by: mylightwarrior

It is I Rosalia of Telos who comes to you through the love of the Creator. I’m outside in my garden seeing and feeling the beauty of my garden. As a fully conscious being I not only see and feel my plants I can communicate telepathically with them. One day as you rise into full consciousness you will have the same abilities.
We of Telos look forward to the day that we will be able to directly interact with you on the surface. Right now this is still not possible due to the difference in our vibration. If you will call to us we will send you our energy. Many of you have raised you vibration enough to communicate with us.
There are many wonderful things we wish to share with you. We do see the day we will be able to share the wonders of our society and mentor you into full consciousness. It is a great honor that the creator has asked us be your mentors in the next step of your evolution. As this time approaches we are in preparation to assist you into full consciousness. The process will begin when the divine decree arrives at our station. You should know that there is a great armada of Beings of Light assisting you at this time.
I Rosalia of Telos send you my love and peace….

A message inspired by Rosalia of Telos – July 6, 2011

I come to you from my home located in Telos, middle earth under Mount Shasta. It is a beautiful day as we never have darkness of any kind in Telos. Soon all of your days will be of joy and harmony and we will be sharing it with you. As we look out into the world form our vantage point we can see the light of humanity. We are monitoring and assisting you as much as possible with raising your vibration. See us in your heart and connect with us as we reach out to you. We send you our love and light as the time approached for humanity to shift into a higher state of awareness.
We are one together with the infinite creator and we send you our love and hope in your journey. One day soon we will join you and be together as has always been intended within the divine plan of our creator. Until then I give you love in the light!  Rosalia