Laura Bruno – Preparing For Positive Timelines


laura-of-the-rocksmylightwarrior – “I really connect with this article, in fact I think anyone you has been on the ascension path since before 2012 will appreciate what Laura is saying here. She is talking about what seems to be the insurmountable task of the entire human collective shifting and moving into the golden age of peace and prosperity. My higher guidance and guides tell me that there are two initial important linear dates, 2017 and 2032. Keep in mind weather you believe it on not there is an infinite source creator and the source has a plan that is being followed. These dates are in the framework of the plan, although the plan is timeless and multidimensional in nature, Meaning the nature of the plan is flexible and rest on the free will and intent of the human collective. These dates are energetic shift points where source sees the potential for the collective to shift in a major way. There are also celestial and crystalline grid power alignments with the great crystals of the earth system on these dates. There will be significantly more positive source energy channelled into our collective via the crystalline grid. Between 2030 and 2032 the great crystals that amplify energy in our system will be at 100 percent. This is a big deal and is not talked about much in the spiritual circles. So in 2017 the engine is going to be raved up and in 2030 – 2023 the engine will be a t full power. It all about energy folks! If you are reading this you are in the positive time line. In this time line the collective will subtlety move and shift into the golden human race. The foundation will be set by 2032 and in 100 to 300 years we will fully be a galactic race.”

Due to some recent questions via private email, I felt led to clarify a few points in today’s blog post. Most of the people I encounter are, in fact, experiencing evidence of positive trajectories in their lives. Clients, friends, family members … so many of them have recently broken through previous barriers or show signs of imminent release from old bonds and limitations. I see this, feel this and celebrate the shifts. Yet I also realize when talking to friends who have “regular jobs” in “the real world,” that the slice of humanity I encounter on a daily basis represents a relatively small, unusually conscious, highly creative, and determined segment of this world. I have great hope for humanity in that I see and hear — daily — evidence of people stepping into their power, growing their own organic foods, creating spaces for others to shine their creativity, finding alternatives to the usual suspects pulling puppet strings, and generally being the change they wish to see in the world. Continue reading


Mylightwarrior – Ascend through purity into the Christ Collective

  I AM Jon a human, I AM anointed and initiated into the Christ Consciousness Collective. I AM an aspect of the Eternal Father-Mother One, Infinite Creator of All That Is, I AM eternal essence embodied in physical form. I come to you in absolute truth and eternal being in the Christ pointing the way to ascend into the highest energies of Eternal Essence within physical manifested form. You who read this are on this path and I joyously give you the unconditional love and peace of Divine Consciousness with in and through the Heart of One.

The ascension of Human Consciousness is in progress. The Infinite Creator is focusing Divine Mind, will and intent to raise the vibration and purity of the Human collective. So there is a Divine initiative for ascension, an elevation of awareness where each individual aspect of Human Consciousness can align itself with the Eternal Divine Will and Intent. The Intent of Divine Mind is for each individual Human Expression to experience this elevation and reconnect it’s awareness of BEING DIVINE CREATOR ESSENCE EMBODIED. Continue reading

Mylightwarrior – Human Cosciousness Creates by Universal Laws

  I AM Jon a Human, one anointed in the Energies of the Christ and initiated into the Collective of the Christ Consciousness. My, our purpose with, in, and through the Christ Energies is to assist the Human Collective Consciousness to construct a new Consciousness in alignment with the True Nature of Existence. The LAWs of the Universe are constant and unchanging and operate on the level of Consciousness. We are speaking of Cause and Effect, Bonding and Repulsion with Electromagnetic systems operating at the smallest unit of creation to the largest. Universal Laws of Existence relate ONLY to activities of consciousness and are undeviating. Universal Law relates to the causative factor of Consciousness. This causative factor is attract/magnetize electric particles that bond together and appear as solid form and experiences. 

YOUR personal CONSCIOUSNESS is responsible for whatever comes into YOUR life and personal experiences. Through YOUR thoughts and intentions you CAUSE and EFFECT, YOU BOND and REPULSE the solid form and experiences YOU create for YOURSELF. WE the Christ tell YOU that you are responsible for YOURSELF, others can only assist and guide, its up to YOU to change YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS. Continue reading

Mylightwarrior – The True Nature of Existence – Universal and Divine Conscoiusness

The nature of nearly all Humanity in BEING is that YOU who believe in only that which your five senses perceive are living entirely in the earthly finite world. YOU who are unconscious live within a dimension of the manifestation of your beliefs. Those who are Conscious and focus their energies toward spiritual perceptions are raising their frequencies of vibration and merge with dimensions at higher frequencies and perceive information, manifestation and knowledge from the higher realms. Those who are Consciously awake and aware are evolving into higher and higher levels of understanding and truth about the TRUE NATURE OF EXISTENCE.

Those who aspire spiritual elevation become aware of the finite quality of HUMAN EGO DRIVE and how it is the cause of finite belief patterns. Through the process of releasing their HUMAN EGO DRIVE and living in SPIRIT they are no longer bound to HUMAN EGOIC BELIEFS. Upon cutting and severing the bonds of EGO the HUMAN SPIRIT soars with the realization that they live in an infinite system without limitations. Continue reading

Update from ‘Z’ in Turkey: Strength Through Standing in Silence

Erdem Gunduz, the 'Standing Man', centre, shows the power in silence  in Taksim Square Picture: AFP Source: AFP

Erdem Gunduz, the ‘Standing Man’, centre, shows the power in silence in Taksim Square Picture: AFP Source: AFP

Stephen: Turkish reader ‘Z’ again bravely steps out from behind the fear to show how silence is indeed empowering.

By ‘Z’ – June 19, 2013

Dear Friends,

You might remember my latest update was posted late on Sunday night (Turkish Time) saying that Facebook arrests have begun and that I was advised not to post anything opposing the government and delete all my past updates. And a large group of us have done just that (not posted).

I woke up on Monday morning feeling furious! I was so mad at myself because I gave into FEAR the night before; one thing I preach people not to do and convince them that it is just an illusion.

So at 6 AM in the morning I wanted to write this note on my wall. But I chose to wait. Continue reading

Brenda Hoffman – Let It Be

energyDear Ones,

This is a confusing time. Some of you are beginning to feel love. Others are more irritated by the suggestion than comfortable. You wish to be part of this transition, but there are those who make you so angry. How can anyone suggest that they too are an important part of this transition? You are an advance Lightworker and they continue to do and say things that emotionally, physically or spiritually harm you or others.

This is a global transition. All have unique roles that may not seem justified in your thought processes. Perhaps you feel drained thinking of how some seem intent in destroying earth’s ecological systems. Then there are those who enrage you when they physically abuse or end the earth life of innocent victims. And what about those who tell you what you should believe?

Maybe you are angry that we suggest love is in the air for you do not see, sense or feel it. But then, until you allow yourself to sense love instead of needing to advocate for what should be, you cannot be of the love frequency. Continue reading

NaturalNews – Mike Adams – Skynet Rising : Google Acquires 512-Qubit Quantum Computer, NSA Surveilance To Be Turned Over To AI Machines


(NaturalNews) Most people don’t know about the existence of quantum computers. Almost no one understands how they work, but theories include bizarre-sounding explanations like, “they reach into alternate universes to derive the correct answers to highly complex computational problems.”

Quantum computers are not made of simple transistors and logic gates like the CPU on your PC. They don’t even function in ways that seem rational to a typical computing engineer. Almost magically, quantum computers take logarithmicproblems and transform them into “flat” computations whose answers seem to appear from an alternate dimension.

For example, a mathematical problem that might have 2 to the power of npossible solutions — where n is a large number like 1024 — might take a traditional computer longer than the age of the universe to solve. A quantum computer, on the other hand, might solve the same problem in mere minutesbecause it quite literally operates across multiple dimensions simultaneously. Continue reading