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A message from Atmos of the Galactic Federation – October 2, 2011

Telepathic messagethrough: mylightwarrior
Hello my dear warrior of light. I am anxious to tell you of what is transpiring in our preparations to assist you. Everything is in readiness to serve you in your ascension process. As soon as we are given the go ahead we will be making our presence know in your world. We have been waiting and planning patiently as the time approaches for us to spring into your consciousness. The creator has issued a time line that we are following for your ascension plan. As the energies increase and the old systems of your world fail we and our allies are waiting in the wings to assist you.
We look forward to our first contact meeting with you and showing our love and devotion to raising your awareness. This has been a mission planned for many decades in your time. In your eyes as linear time passes it seems like disclosure of our presence will forever be put off. I assure you that this is not the case. You know that many complicated items of your material world structure and your ability to withstand the truth is the real truth behind disclosure being delayed.
We of the Galactic Federation are following heavens divine plan for your ascension. We can tell you that this time is rapidly approaching. Do not lose heart as the old structures of finance and governance fail and some unease in your populace occurs. Our vast knowledge, technology and perpetrations are on line to help you jump start the foundation of new higher ways of unity and connection into your system. The new age you are about to enter is one of peace, joy andabundance. In a short time the world as you now know it will be a vague memory and true honesty, integrity and balance will exist for humanity, the earth and all her life forms. What a glorious time you will have as you become a Galactic citizen.
I Atmos of the Galactic Federation bid you love in service to our divine creator!
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