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Update from ‘Z’ in Turkey: Strength Through Standing in Silence

Erdem Gunduz, the 'Standing Man', centre, shows the power in silence  in Taksim Square Picture: AFP Source: AFP

Erdem Gunduz, the ‘Standing Man’, centre, shows the power in silence in Taksim Square Picture: AFP Source: AFP

Stephen: Turkish reader ‘Z’ again bravely steps out from behind the fear to show how silence is indeed empowering.

By ‘Z’ – June 19, 2013

Dear Friends,

You might remember my latest update was posted late on Sunday night (Turkish Time) saying that Facebook arrests have begun and that I was advised not to post anything opposing the government and delete all my past updates. And a large group of us have done just that (not posted).

I woke up on Monday morning feeling furious! I was so mad at myself because I gave into FEAR the night before; one thing I preach people not to do and convince them that it is just an illusion.

So at 6 AM in the morning I wanted to write this note on my wall. But I chose to wait. Continue reading


NaturalNews – Mike Adams – Skynet Rising : Google Acquires 512-Qubit Quantum Computer, NSA Surveilance To Be Turned Over To AI Machines


(NaturalNews) Most people don’t know about the existence of quantum computers. Almost no one understands how they work, but theories include bizarre-sounding explanations like, “they reach into alternate universes to derive the correct answers to highly complex computational problems.”

Quantum computers are not made of simple transistors and logic gates like the CPU on your PC. They don’t even function in ways that seem rational to a typical computing engineer. Almost magically, quantum computers take logarithmicproblems and transform them into “flat” computations whose answers seem to appear from an alternate dimension.

For example, a mathematical problem that might have 2 to the power of npossible solutions — where n is a large number like 1024 — might take a traditional computer longer than the age of the universe to solve. A quantum computer, on the other hand, might solve the same problem in mere minutesbecause it quite literally operates across multiple dimensions simultaneously. Continue reading

RemovingTheShackles – D – The One People – “Let’s Pull Together” Tour

0e358-removing-the-shackles…. I almost wish I was back in North America to do this tour with Angel and the gang!!!!


The One People – “Let’s Pull Together” Tour  with Angel Lucci – 18 States Central and Eastern U.S. – UPDATE 19 June 2013

6/19/2013 UPDATE:

I wanted to provide an update this morning to let every One know the status ofThe One People – “Let’s Pull Together” Tour.  I have set the dates tentatively waiting verification from the hosts: Continue reading

Jon Rappoport – The CDC Is Lying To You Again: Flu Fiction vs. Flu Reality

no more fake new Jon RappoportI now have the official CDC flu-death statistics for the year 2010.

They were provided to me by Martin Maloney, who, some years ago, contacted me to show how the CDC was lying all the way along the line about numbers of flu deaths. Many thanks, Martin, for your good work.

2010 is apparently the most recent year for which the CDC has issued a final report. It was released on May 13 of this year.

The report comes through a sub-agency of the CDC, the National Vital Statistics System (NVSS).

On page 89 of the report, “Deaths: Final Data for 2010,” in Table 10, we find the following:

Influenza and Pneumonia [deaths]: 50,097. Continue reading

Brazil – “We Have Woken Up”

brazil protests 3  There are three articles here; each telling the story from a differing viewpoint. Essentially, what started out in Brazil as a protest against an increase in bus fares – a 20 centavos increase (approx 9 cents CDN), which was seen as a huge increase to a poverty stricken people – became the straw that broke the camel’s back.

With the country spending billions to host the upcoming 2014 World Cup (and despite football being the national sport and Pele being a national hero), and even more preparing to host the 2016 Olympics, the protestors were further fueled by endemic government corruption, police brutality and graft, social-services cuts and wasteful spending. And it is these underlying issues that gave them the strength to carry on despite water cannons, rubber bullets and horses’ hooves flying. 

But what tickles me pink is the following statement from a citizen:  “And this year we rise. We have woken up. We are on the streets like in Turkey and Greece. They have made us wake up about this. …”  May we all “wake up” and use our mighty voice to make a difference.

Story 1 – Brazil Protesters Win U-turn on Fare Rises

By Jonathan Watts, The Guardian – June 19, 2013

Authorities in Brazil’s two biggest cities have made a U-turn on public transport fare increases in the face of mass protests that have overshadowed the country’s build up to next year’s World Cup.

In advance of major demonstrations on Thursday, the leaders of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro announced that bus and subway price rises will be rescinded, but it is far from certain that this will be enough to mollify public unrest. Continue reading

BusinessInsider – Joe Weisenthal – The Australian Dollar Gets Taken To The Blender – 20 June 2013

Brutal day for the Australian dollar.First it dived after the Fed’s hawkish press conference.Then just now it’s falling after that bad Chinese Flash PMI.


This is the perfect storm: Weakening demand for commodities from China, and a strengthening US dollar thanks to an improving US economy and monetary tightening.

TWA Flight 800 Crash No Due To Gas Tank Explosion Former Investigators Say


By  | The Lookout
Thanks to several readers!

The reconstruction of TWA Flight 800′s fuselage. (Daniel Brooks/Epix)

The producers of an upcoming documentary on TWA Flight 800—which exploded and crashed into the waters off Long Island, N.Y., on July 17, 1996, killing all 230 people on board—claim to have proof that a missile caused the Paris-bound flight to crash. And six former investigators who took part in the film say there was a cover-up and want the case reopened.

“There was a lack of coordination and willful denial of information,” Hank Hughes, a senior accident investigator for the National Transportation Safety Board, said on Wednesday during a conference call with reporters. “There were 755 witnesses. At no time was information provided by the witnesses shared by the FBI.” Continue reading