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Here Comes the 2012 Summer Solstice!

The first couple days of June 2012 I suddenly had the NEED to only play, rest, do nothing, self-care and self-nurture to a degree I’ve never before felt. During one of thosedo no-thing afternoons last week I had an important insight and reminder. It was that I’m at, you’re at, we’re all at the halfway point—June Summer Solstice 2012—and I need to be really PRESENT in this monumental time plus make some adjustments so I can better do that. Many of us need to do this now.

In that moment I remembered reading something in 1995 that talked about 2012 and thinking how very far away 2012 was and how badly I wanted it to be 2012 back in 1995. Evidently some aspect of me knew that the energetic inner work required between 1995 and 2012 wasn’t going to be easy, safe, fun or pleasant so I wanted to jump forward in time to THIS current point within the Ascension Process. Remembering this last week helped me look at now in a slightly different way, which I needed evidently.

For me it’s been grueling, unrelenting Ascension-related work and pain for the past thirteen years, plus, during that time I also HAD to write (one of my Soul Missions) as much and as fast as I could which I’ve done. Since 2011 however this unrelenting Soul Mission to write has been easing up and giving me some time to shift some needed focus on to myself and my body. With the start of June 2012, this issue suddenly became an absolute NEED for me to be much more in the “Now” and “do” less physically, “do” less thinking, and “be” in the quantum Now more often, so that’s exactly what I’ve been doing because I have to at this point. Things like my spine and head feel as it they might shatter if I don’t so this now! Continue reading


Pains, Frustrations & Confusions of the Spiritual Ascension Work

Posted by Denise on April 20, 2012 in New Humans, New Earth

I have such a desperate need to heal others but I can’t accept the fact that instead of embraced for my ideas I’m repelled and persecuted. In what way can I stay balanced without such negativity and still find a voice to reach others without absorbing their density?

I often pray to god that he will put me in the correct dimension I belong in. I feel like all my relationships are tumbling down. I’m being called ungrounded because I share my experiences and positivity and insight into the vast power of spirit and human consciousness.

I feel like words are becoming so mundane. I feel connected but also so alone. Like I have nobody to go through this with, I feel so mentally alone. My whole life I felt like this. Crucified for being so different. Insulted and called crazy or weird. I just don’t fit.

Emotionally I feel like nobody around me understands me. Its been 26 years of loneliness. The further I go, the more I see how skewed the relationships I am in are even when they actually wouldn’t be if I weren’t on this path. Nobody gets it, and all I want to do is live alone in peace because nothing but nature provides it.

How if it were meant to be they wouldn’t force me to a standstill and reject me.

As things become more intense in the world I feel it so hard to look away. I want to heal and help. I want to care for people and show them another way, like you do. But face to face. I want to counter team dark, I want to banish them myself for all they’ve done to my people. I want to balance this mess. I know inside it won’t be through a sharp tongue alone that this is accomplished. 

Sometimes I wish I could be able to ease the pain of something. But the beating I take for it – it is worth it? Should I just abandon all my dreams of changing the world and instilling harmony? The more I look inward, the more I understand. The more I don’t help others causes guilt and a feeling of selfishness. To turn away and into myself would be counter productive to the very thing my spirit wants. When will this be over, Denise? When will I go back wherever I came from that was lighter and full of inspiration, desire and passion of spirit? What should I do to ease my suffering and loneliness in the meantime? I’m often too afraid even to speak or to write you this. I hope you understand what I mean by this letter.


I received this email last week and because I’ve received others like it from many people over the years, I asked Theo if I could quote his/her letter at TRANSITIONS so we could have this discussion publicly where hopefully more people will benefit from it. Thank you Theo for allowing me to share your letter. ♥ Continue reading

Denise Le Fay : 2012 First Quarter Review

By Denise Le Fay

March 31, 2012


I mentioned in an earlier article about what I felt on the first day of January 2012. I’d said that I awoke on January 1, 2012 all excited to finally be at the year 2012, only to suddenly feel that Team Dark hadseriously increased their countermeasures towards Team Light.

I’ve known for a long time that 2012 wasn’t going to be a walk in the park, and I knew Team Dark wasn’t going to graciously step aside and apologize for their monstrous crimes against humanity, but intellectually knowing something vs. having it become a living breathing in-your-face reality are two very different things.

So there I was on the morning of New Years Day 2012 feeling what felt like all of Hell had been unleashed on planet Earth!

Most of January I was mildly depressed because of this and couldn’t believe that, after all I’ve been through already, after all that you reading this have been through already, that like it or not there’s more negativity from Team Dark this year that we’re having to contend with and push past. Nothing new here really so lets just keep doing what we’ve done all along.

Let me add quickly before you burst into tears or want to kill me or contemplate exiting this world that, despite this big upsurge from Team Dark with the start of 2012, it’s happening because the GOOD STUFF is starting to manifest in this dimension. Continue reading

Denise Le Fay: 2011 & 2012 Increasing Solar Energies & Coming Into Cosmic Alignment

2011 OCTOBER 2

2011 & 2012 Increasing Solar Energies & Coming Into Cosmic Alignment

Denise Le Fay, 10/1/2011, Transitions

It’s the last couple days of September 2011 as I write this and I want to share something I’ve been perceiving for a while now. I’ve been seeing that much of 2011 and all the way through December 21, 2012, the Sun is and will be transmitting tremendous new amounts of Light Energies from the Milky Way Galactic Center (GC) and the Cosmos much more so than it has been. I’m talking aboutback-to-back, nearly constant M-class and X-class sized solar energy transmissions in the form of solar flares, Coronal Mass Ejections (CME’s), solar holes, solar winds, solar storms and whatever else the Sun does energetically now to rapidly evolve humanity.

I’ve been seeing and feeling that throughout 2011 the solar and cosmic energies transmitted to Earth to transform us have been incrementally increasing every week and month this year. This 2011 increase in solar, galactic, and cosmic energies is represented by the Ninth Wave/Universal Underworld phase. These solar energies are increasing in potency, size, frequency and Light vibration because…there’s SOMETHING MUCH BIGGER COMING SOON…so we’re being increasingly accelerated throughout 2011 and 2012 so we’ll vibrate fast and high enough to cope with it.

I didn’t have a name for this massive cosmic energy I’ve been clairvoyantly seeing and feeling and have referred to IT in past articles as cosmiccosmos or coming from Source. But thanks to Barbara Hand Clow’s September 2011 Libra New Moon report, I now have a name for this massive energy and its location in deep space; IT is I believe the “Super Galactic Center“.

This perfectly describes what I’ve been seeing, feeling and sensing for a long time. I knew these approaching cosmic energies from Source were emanating from far outside our Milky Way galaxy and its Galactic Center (GC). That energy is massively huge on its own, but, what I’ve been seeing and feeling DWARFS the Milky Way galaxy and its GC and I did not know what to call that massive energy and energy source other than a colossal Tsunami of Light Energy. Now I do, and it will come from the Milky Way galaxy (and of course Earth and humanity) coming into what I’d call a cosmic orb of influenceand then, a conjunction or alignment with the Super Galactic Center itself. When that conjunction or alignment happens a massive Tsunami of Light Energy (for lack of a better term) I’ve been clairvoyantly seeing will flow forth and energetically alter everything. Evidently the cosmic Aquarian Water Bearer will be pouring out energies that are much higher, larger, and farther away than I’d realized!   ;)

Here’s the quote from Barbara Hand Clow’s September 2011 Libra New Moon report about the Super Galactic Center. [See full report here]

“The time for balance, harmony, and justice arrives with the New Moon in Libra, a dynamic that is intensified by its arrival soon after the Fall Equinox. This year’s strong bond between the Fall Equinox and the New Moon draws my attention to the influence of the Super Galactic Center (SGC) on our world. The Fall Equinox always activates the SGC energy zone, since it is located at 2 Libra from Earth’s perspective. When fall arrives, the Sun moves into Libra and aspects this zone, which draws our minds out through the center of the Milky Way Galaxy and into the SGC vortex. This reading is intriguing because the SGC is unusually activated by the transits of Mercury and the New Moon to the SGC…”

“…The SGC is the astrological gateway into the Universe itself, so the opening of this wormhole helps us flow with the highly accelerated frequencies of the Universal Underworld! We begin with more information about the SGC. To comprehend the nature of the SGC, we start with our own Galactic Center. According to the master of deep space astrology, Philip Sedgwick, “The emission of the infrared spectrum of the Galactic Center alone generates almost a million times as much energy as the Sun does through its entire electro-magnetic spectrum.” (The Astrology of Deep Space) The SGC is a huge galaxy called Virga A (also called M-87), and twenty-seven galaxies rotate around this common nucleus including the Milky Way. Astronomers say the SGC is a super-massive black hole that holds the mass of about five billion Suns. It puts out energy that is much more powerful than our Sun or the Galactic Center, and then because it is the nucleus for our galaxy, the SGC has a radical affect on humans: It’s a veritable wormhole to Universal consciousness that is opening at the end of the Mayan Calendar. The astronomy of the SGC may be the best description for the widening perspectives awakening within humans during 2011. This New Moon shows how we can become conscious of and integrate the potency of the SGC, since astrological analysis is our cosmic access…”

All of 2011 with its monthly numerical 11-11 energy Stair Steps; the Ninth Wave/Universal Underworld; the completion of a 16-billion-yearlong Evolutionary Cycle and the Mayan calendar that represents it on October 28, 2011; the tremendously important triple 11-11-11 shift-point of November 11, 2011, are each increasingly powerful Energy Stair Steps we’re rapidly ascendingbecause they’re further energetic preparation for what’s going to continue and increase as we and Earth inch our way toward conjuncting or aligning with the Super Galactic Center (SGC) and the incomprehensible Energy that IT emits.

We’ve been in a transformational process thanks to our Sun since 1999 (the start of the Eighth Wave) and its solar flares/CME’s and they cause their own Ascension symptoms and body aches and pains. Can you comprehend amplifying this transformative energy to the degree that the Super Galactic Center emits?! This is why we’re still transmuting and adapting to greater and greater amounts of Light in our physical bodies and beings at the end of the Ninth Wave and Mayan calendar. The Grand Finale is coming and we’re being energetically prepared for it.

2011 and all of 2012 remind me of those anxious scenes in movies of some guy running faster and faster beside a fast-moving train because he’s trying to reach it, grab hold of it, and finally pull himself up into one of the cars. 2011 and 2012 has been and will continue to be increasing numbers of humanity running faster and faster (individual and collective accelerating frequencies and consciousness) due to these intensifying solar energies so they can get vibrating fast enough to reach the fast-moving train, grab hold of it, pull themselves up and catch a ride to some far away location (in a new timeline and dimension). That split-second where the running guy’s feet finally leave the ground and he pulls himself up into the fast-moving train, that transition, that shift-point moment is the complete Separation of Worlds for him. He’d been down on the ground (the old 3D Earth with its timeline) running so hard and fast and then, in a mere instant, he’s up on the moving train (the new timeline and ascended Earth world). This is the Separation of Worlds with their different timelines and different groups of humanity existing within them.

I can hear some of you thinking in those old polarized and absolute ways again! To help with this completion phase of the Ascension Process I want you to ask yourself if everyone living it today began it on the same day, month or year? No they did not all start the Ascension Process on the same day, and they’ll reach the completion point within this Process at slightly different moments also. Not years but moments as we move further into this orb of influence phase to the SGC this year and next, and then on to the conjunction or alignment which should be in full effect by December 2012. (I do however reserve the right to perceive/know/feel/see more about this topic tomorrow, next week, and the week after and…)

Remember I compared the 2011 and 2012 approach to the Super Galactic Center much like entering an astrological orb of influence expect that its galactic and cosmic. People who are more sensitive to the SGC and its energies will feel and be effected by it earlier than other folks, but that’s how the entire Ascension Process has happened all along. This Process is like traveling up energy Stair Steps with people farther along in front of you, and plenty of other people behind you, but we’re all headed in the same direction. Just keep moving forward and don’t get hung-up or distracted with linear black/white type polarized thinking about dates and such.

Leave plenty of room for increasing non-linear, 5D spherical space-time-consciousness by being open to it. You’ll feel things change a bit more and a bit more again with each one of these continuing energetic steps. Remember the guy running beside the fast-moving train? Believe it or not we’re still getting up to speed energetically within this Ascension Process. That should give you a sense of the tremendous changes that aligning with the SGC will create in us and everywhere else by December 2012. Some folks will get there before December 2012 however.

The ending of this Evolutionary Cycle and Maya calendar on October 28, 2011 is one huge shift-point; 11-11-11 is another MAJOR shift-point which I’ll talk more about soon. The Solar Eclipse on November 24, 2011 is another of these accelerating shift-points as is the Lunar Eclipse two weeks later on Dec.10th. 12-11-11 is another, 12-12-11 is another, as is the winter Solstice on December 21, 2011. And on and on we’ll climb the Energy Stair Steps so when we reach the conjunction alignment with the SGC, we’ll be running fast enough to jump the fast-moving train and not trip or fall and get cut to shreds beneath its cosmic wheels! The best is coming and soon now so just keep moving forward and don’t get trapped in old lower linear thinking. Stretch out and get more familiar with space-time-consciousness being much more flexible and spherical and Now Moment than you/me/us have perceived so far.


October 1, 2011

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Light Is Flowing through Our Veins

Denise Le Fay, Transitions, 9/18/2011

I wanted to share a bit about what I’ve recently been feeling and perceiving while awake and asleep. This stage is new to me/us so there will be more information about this to come I’m sure. Put simply, I can feel the hormones throughout my body’s blood system, brain, and Chakra systems changing now! The other night while asleep and out-of-body I heard the statement that, “Testosterone levels are being reduced in males and females.” I immediately thought, well just that alone is going to monumentally help everyone!

What I’ve been feeling is that something very positive is happening throughout our hormonal and blood systems. Said another way, we’ve got new Light Energy flowing through us now that’s rapidly altering, evolving the hormonal levels and production throughout our physical bodies and brains, which will naturally affect our consciousness also. Stair Steps remember? I believe Lisa Renee talked about this particular process in her September 2011 article and called it“Liquid Light” and “Diamond Sun Crystal Body”. [Full article here ]

Here’s a quote from Lisa Renee about this:

“For those of us that have made it to the other side, the inner peace and supportive energy has been nothing short of awe-inspiring. (So this means YOU will get here too!) It is very clear that the Liquid Light of the Christ Sun Body is here, and we can feel it “living” inside our body. We are making a new residence for the Diamond Sun Crystal Body within our person and within the planet, and a joyful optimism is emanating from our hearts that we “made it”! We are learning the new “Diamond Sun” sensory language, as this is a new level of energetic communication that has completely changed the way we process information…”

“…Many of us have recently had our 7D crucifixion implants released and are awaiting the monadic attunement in the next weeks to this merkabic circulatory system that runs the Krystic Living Light throughout our body…”

In April 2011 I wrote an article, First The Rewiring, Then The Power Gets Turned On in which I talked about further embodying, “Prototyping” more of the new Light Energies. [Full article here ]

As with everything in the Ascension Process these transformations must unfold incrementally through numerous Stair Steps and stages otherwise too much too fast would harm or destroy our lower frequency bodies, brains, nervous systems, electrical systems, psyche, hormonal/endocrine/Chakra systems and everything else. Too much higher frequency Light poured too fast into a smaller, more dense physical container would energetically and physically rip it apart, so the Ascension Process of us transmuting our physical bodies while we remain in them must happen in incremental Stair Steps so our minds and our bodies survive and repeatedly adjust to the ongoing Process.

But…we’ve finally reached the point where the higher Light Energies (Source designed and generated higher frequency “architecture” or patterns) is rapidly coming online within those of us who multidimensionally embody and anchor first (the “Prototypers”) and is flowing through our hormonal chemistry, our veins, nerves, cells, heart and consciousness and more of us are currently feeling these wonderful upgrades within our bodies and individual realities now. Know that this is just the beginning of many more amazingly wonderful evolutionary/ascension changes happening inside our bodies and consciousness, which is naturally and automatically reflected in our external world realities and the new Group collective. Fear not and continue tolet go of all you must today, tomorrow, next week and for however long you/me/us need to do so because nearly incomprehensibly wonderful replacement patterns and materials from Source are currently firing-up in every physical Light-filled cell and drop of our blood.


September 18, 2011

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