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Suzanne Lie – We Are Conscious Creators

oneTomorrow I return from my retreat in Nature. I wish I could say that I spent a great deal of time in Nature, but I actually spent a great deal of time sleeping. Being away from the house and all the things that I should do gave me time to do exactly what I wanted, and/or needed to do. And, what I spent a lot of time doing was sleeping.

I woke up several times last night, but I still slept a good three hours longer than I usually sleep. As I often do, I woke up with a sentence, which when written down becomes pages and pages. However, today’s sentence is not about writing. It is about doing, for when I awoke this morning my sentence was:

I Suzanne Lie from California USA

Volunteer to be a Conscious Creator of New Earth

The pivotal word in this statement is “conscious” creator, as we are all in the process of creating New Earth with our every thought and emotion.

We had hoped that our years and lives of dedication, meditation and service would be sufficient to give us a free ride to New Earth and/or the higher dimensions. However, this was not the case. We, the members of incarnated humanity, are the creators of New Earth. Continue reading


Eckhart Tolle – Being Judgemental

judgingQuestion: I have been told that I am a judgmental person and I agree with that. Since becoming aware I have been working on that and my ego everyday. What are your thoughts on being judgmental and is it really possible to not judge anyone or any decision ever? Thank you.

Answer: You are not a judgmental person. Your mind does what it has been conditioned to do, that’s all. The most important thing is that you are already aware of what your mind is doing. A truly judgmental person is someone who doesn’t know he/she is judgmental. They are so identified with their mind that they completely believe in every thought (judgment) that comes into their head. Continue reading

Janine Jansma – The Tide has Turned

The tide has turned

Can you feel the shift?

No longer creating by default

No longer just adrift

Our ship run by purposeful being

Accountability the mast

Gliding through calm waters

Having let go of the past

The best is yet to come, it’s true

Can you feel it too?

Reaching the shore intact –

Better than that – brand new!

~ Janine Jansma

Lucas – Poem – Do Not Fear – 19 April 2012

Do not fear

Do not fear for I am always with you. Do not fear your own insights as they are your truths. Do not fear as you will have the power over your life as it knows no boundaries.  Do not fear to go inside and experience  that what is you on an other level.  Do not fear your connection with your source. Do not fear the way others see you. Do not fear to connect with others as they are just reflections of the One. Do not fear fear itself as it is just an expression of a role played on lives stage. Do not fear anything or everyone as it is all One with you.  Do not fear….

I AM fearless, I AM Love.

Love and Light,


Divine Journey – A Poem by Mylightwarrior

From this point a beginning seen
Immersed deep in the fog of time
Over and over we seek
A light, a call and strength of love
In time we prevail a flame is found
Sometimes bright and others not seen

A journey so long and so far
Sometimes you feel it in many ways
From a single point all time is still
Looking forward and back now
Finding a shadow in the stillness
Its outline calms the heart

Look in my eyes now
See the depth of my soul
Journey with the open heart
A feeling, an emotion, an energy
A long winding path
Choices good or bad show the way

Seek now to be pure
From this point your will see
In the moment, time is still
Open your heart, feel your love
An act of joyful bliss
Completed in divine love

Within this act there is no fear
Unity and compassion
Virtues that are near
Find your map, check the way
The journey is long
It is closer each day

As I look back I see
All the choices made and understand
Gods love will always stand
My mission is now clear
All fear gone, with the ego past
Too begin and end in the heart of one

by: mylightwarrior

Creations Song – A Poem by mylightwarrior

Creations Song 

Sunlight shining through
air, clouds and morning dew
A bird sings
heart felt, not forlorn or blue
I see, I hear
divinity is drawing near
A love, a song, a hymn
music in my ear
An energetic symphony
abounds for all

Life renews, harmony swells
a living river
A director of love
swimming conscious notes
as below we see above
Lyrics of life
Harmony in form
The creator has blessed
our journey of love

By: mylightwarrior

Heart Flame – A Poem by mylightwarrior

Heart Flame
By: mylighrtwarrior

I can see your heart
Your divinity is a flame
A fire that burns beyond the heart
Touches all with your grace
Open your heart to the light
See me inside yourself
I am within your destiny
Call me to your side
A true planter of a seed
Nurtured in fire and deed
Only choice is your water
Your life is drawn forth
No doubt will exist
No fear lives within
Your love is pure
Your heart is true
To be pure is divine
My life is unity
Clarity of purpose abounds
Duality no more
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