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Jon Rappoport – The CDC Is Lying To You Again: Flu Fiction vs. Flu Reality

no more fake new Jon RappoportI now have the official CDC flu-death statistics for the year 2010.

They were provided to me by Martin Maloney, who, some years ago, contacted me to show how the CDC was lying all the way along the line about numbers of flu deaths. Many thanks, Martin, for your good work.

2010 is apparently the most recent year for which the CDC has issued a final report. It was released on May 13 of this year.

The report comes through a sub-agency of the CDC, the National Vital Statistics System (NVSS).

On page 89 of the report, “Deaths: Final Data for 2010,” in Table 10, we find the following:

Influenza and Pneumonia [deaths]: 50,097. Continue reading


John Hopkins Scientist Blast CDC For Pushing Flu Shot

cdcstudyfluvaccinesineffectiveBy Nick Tate | Newsmax Health

Federal health authorities vastly overstate the benefits of the flu shot and, for most healthy people, vaccination is unnecessary at best and potentially risky at worst, a Johns Hopkins scientist tells Newmax’s Steve Malzberg.

Peter Doshi, an influenza expert with the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, contends vaccines pushed by health authorities are less effective and cause more side effects than acknowledged by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Doshi, who recently published a withering report on influenza vaccines in the British Medical Journal (BMJ), says the studies that inform CDC’s flu policy show the vaccine doesn’t cover all strains of flu, and that life-threatening complications from influenza are fairly rare, but side effects can be serious.

“I’m not convinced that influenza is a major public health threat so I have problems with the overarching policy [pushing flu shots], but on a personal level I fit in the healthy adults [category] and so influenza’s particularly not a threat for me and for most healthy adults,” says Doshi, noting he doesn’t get the flu shot himself. Continue reading

Katherine Paul and Ronnie Cummins – Two Secret Trade Agreements Threaten To Undo Our Last Shreds Of Food Safety

If you think the U.S. government is doing a sub-par job of keeping your food safe, brace yourself. You could soon be eating imported seafood, beef or chicken products that don’t meet even basic U.S. food safety standards. Under two new trade agreements, currently in negotiation, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) could be powerless to shut down imports of unsafe food or food ingredients. And if it tries, multinational corporations will be able to sue the U.S. government for the loss of anticipated future profits.

More frightening? Negotiations for both agreements are taking place behind closed doors, with input allowed almost exclusively from the corporations and industry trade groups that stand to benefit the most. And the Obama Administration intends to push the agreements through Congress without so much as giving lawmakers access to draft texts, much less the opportunity for debate. Continue reading

NaturalNews – IRS Seizers Medical Records Of 60 Million Americans – Preview Of What’s To Come With Obamacare

evan-mathis-irs-05162013Monday, June 17, 2013 by: Lance Devon

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(NaturalNews) The government has its hands all over everyone’s most private places these days. From touching people at the airport, to intercepting emails and phone calls, to swabbing the DNA right out of people’s mouths without a warrant: It’s all becoming a numbing sensation.

IRS seizes 60 million medical records in California

It comes as no surprise that the IRS is now stealing people’s sensitive medical records. That’s the case in California. A reported 60 million medical records have been seized by 15 IRS agents. The House Energy and Commerce Committee is now investigating a lawsuit initiated by a California health care provider that purports that the IRS stole “intimate and private information of more than 10,000,000 Americans including the names and health records of prominent celebrities, sports personalities, and CEOs, ultimately affecting roughly one out of every twenty-five adult American citizens.”

These power grabbers didn’t fool around. They went for the entire company’s IT system, telling the IT personnel “to transfer several servers of the medical records and patient records to the IRS for search and seizure, otherwise they would ‘rip’ the servers out of the building entirely.”

After further investigation, the IRS agents used the stolen IT media system to even order pizza and watch basketball at their headquarters. Continue reading

RT – Monsanto Video Revolt: Global Anti-GMO Online Rally Launches – 17 June 2013

Uploaded on 15 June 2013 by RussiaToday

In one of the year’s largest rallies, on 25 May in the March Against Monsanto millions across 48 states in the US and six continents protested the takeover of our food by genetically modified crops. Yet not one mainstream media sent a camera to report on the demonstrations. Organiser Anthony Gucciardi tells RT’s The Truthseeker about the Monsanto Video Revolt to bypass the corporate media blackout and bring the issue to world attention – READ MORE


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Powers We All Have, But Rarely Use…WOW!

Uploaded on 18 May 2013 by YouAreCreators

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Mastering Life Force – Simple Chi Kung Exercise the Reduces Stress and Anxiety….

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This exercise is a simple Chi Kung exercise for helping one relieve stress and anxiety. The movement should be done 1 to as many times as needed until one is centered and relaxed.