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David Wilcock Explains the Functioning of the Pineal Gland

Posted by Steve Beckow

Geoff West’s Cosmic Vision News on Nov. 9, 2012 featured a discussion by David Wilcock on the nature and functions of the pineal gland. I personally found it very interesting. It reviews the ways in which the cabal has tried to suppress its functioning, the ways Jesus appears to have referred to it in his teachings, how it operates, what it brings, etc.



David Wilcock 10-7-12…”Will 2012 Be the Year of Freedom?”


Are we about to see incredible changes for the positive? Will the end of the Mayan Calendar bring triumph rather than disaster? It’s time to share the information I’ve been hearing about major changes we may be about to see. I hope you enjoy it!


Many people have complained about how long it has been since I wrote the last piece – and I do apologize for that.

There are times where quality is vastly more important than quantity. This was one of them. I did not know I was going to get pulled into such an extended “meditation retreat” when this all started.
Shortly after I finished “Will There Be a Quantum Awakening in 2012?”, I finally started getting good sleep again. And with sleep comes dream data — considering I’ve been capturing and analyzing them every morning for 20 years now.

I had been so stressed out before writing this piece that I was only getting bits and pieces of data each day — if anything — throughout July and August in particular.

Once I started getting good rest, and published the piece, a series of intense dreams gave me a very strong message. I was being guided — nay, just about demanded — to change my plans. Radically.

I was quite clearly being asked to abandon everything I was already working on — which was very complex, including dozens of articles I’d collected on LIBOR, mass shootings, Illuminati and what have you — and really get centered in nature.


Most importantly, a series of powerful dreams — some of which were nightmares — told me to completely stop “fighting” the negative elite.

In the most significant dream, a very evil Illuminati character was vigorously battling me.

He was literally an embodiment of Lucifer. He had goat-styled ears and totally black eyes, but was an otherwise young and rich-looking man. He was very stylishly dressed in a shiny, custom-tailored tuxedo.

There were a bunch of people around in a super-elite dinner party. The men were all dressed like he was, and the women all had elegant, glittering dinner gowns and lavish diamond jewelry.

He seemed to have all of them under some sort of hypnotic control. Continue reading

David Wilcock on Coast to Coast 5-9-12 (YouTube Video)

Click to go to David’s latest article

This appeared today. I am listening this now, so for now, below the video, I put the description that appeared with the video. Thanks torevel0047 for posting this.

I will provide mp3s of this later, in a separate post. Here also is a link to David’s Latest article, Divine Intervention: ETs Defeating Old World Order.

“Intuitive researcher and filmmaker, David Wilcock, discussed how UFO intervention is thwarting efforts to start WWIII and how this interference is part of an organized movement toward a golden age of humanity. He dubbed these actions “divine intervention,” since it appears that when the UFOs make their presence known it seems to be for benevolent reasons. To that end, he specifically cited craft shutting down nuclear weapons as an example of their positive intent. Given the ephemeral and surreptitious work of these positive UFO events, Wilcock surmised that they are beholden to a “prime directive” to not overtly interfere in human events unless it is absolutely necessary, such as curtailing the proliferation of nuclear weapons. Continue reading

David Wilcock: ETs Defeating Old World Order

Stephen: David Wilcock has just posted an update to his Divine Intervention series.  For most of us who are regulars here, I am not sure there is much newsy stuff to devour. As you will see…Nevertheless, as many of you enjoy David’s posts and he does not like us to re-post his whole articles here, I have posted the intro here so you are aware that he has penned an update. Then, if you wish to read more,  you can head over David’s site via the link at the end.

Divine Intervention – ETs Defeating Old World Order

By David Wilcock, Divine Cosmos – May 9, 2012

We Have Never Been Abandoned

Divine Intervention is now taking place on a dramatic, unprecedented basis — worldwide.

This is causing a complete, systematic failure of the war machine on every level.

Guns will not fire. Radio and satellite communications systems are breaking down — right when they are needed most. Airplanes and tanks will not start. Bombs will not deploy.

Even more surprisingly, dozens of underground bases have now been completely emptied out — beginning on August 23, 2011.

This is terrifying to the occult Cabal that has seized control of much of the financial system, as well as the governing and judiciary bodies of several of the top nations in the world.

In my epic work “Financial Tyranny” I outline the problems we face, and who is responsible for them — with an incredible amount of supporting evidence.

The Cabal is Well Aware of Who is Doing This

The Cabal has been directly contacted by the people who are responsible for doing this. These intervening ET groups are human, like us — in fact, they are our long-lost relatives.

Humans on Earth are, in fact, a hybridized race — from multiple, independent points of origin during the last 200,000 years.

The Cabal has been told they must stand down — in order to protect the Earth and its many forms of life, including its people.

The people who are forcing the Cabal to surrender are not evil or negative at all. They are the guardians and protectors of our planet.

There appears to be no accident in why our protectors are intervening now — and why they have not done anything like this before.

Ancient civilizations were well aware of the cycle that seems to be behind the timing of this unprecedented Divine Intervention. They recorded the evidence in thousands of different forms over time.

The ultimate outcome of this cycle appears to be nothing less than the spontaneous, quantum evolution of what it means to be human.

The Divine Intervention we are now seeing seems to be intended to insure that we will go through this process without being thrown into complete chaos and destruction on a worldwide level.

To read on, head to Divine Cosmos:

MASS ARRESTS: David Wilcock Interviews Drake — Transcript!

Posted by: mylightwarrior

MASS ARRESTS: David Interviews Drake -- Transcript!

Here is the transcript of the fascinating interview David did with Drake for your viewing pleasure!   

Thousands of top conspirators in finance, media, pharmaceuticals and government are about to be arrested. Read this landmark interview transcript with “Drake” now — before it becomes front-page news!



The problems we face in today’s world are extraordinary. You may feel as if there is no way out.

There is a core group responsible for the majority of these problems. If this group is defeated, it will be much easier for us to heal our planet.

Mass arrests of this core group have been planned since at least the 1970s — according to Drake, a new whistleblower I recently interviewed.

This is the official, full transcript of that discussion — where we combined the strength of what both of us have heard independently about this plan.

Like it or not, a civilian uprising alone would never have the logistical and tactical ability to resist such a well-armed and deeply-entrenched group.

There is an absolute requirement that the military, or at least a significant majority of it, supports the will of the people in a case like this — in order for us to have a real chance at succeeding.

Despite the intrinsic paranoia and fear associated with any change of this scale, I firmly believe this will be a quantum leap in the healing of our planet. Freedom is not a pipe dream. The people demand it.

Continue reading

Update from David Wilcock 3-31-12… Next Section (II; that’s ’2′) Coming Out Soon

At the end of Divine Intervention, Section I, David has posted this update/comment.



Once I’m in the flow of a weekend conference like this, it’s very difficult to make time to do other things — like work on this article.

I was going to try to post Section II in the cracks, and I dug in there just now — but I can see I will need about three or four hours to get it done.

Therefore, you don’t need to keep re-loading this weekend to see new updates. I will make another notification when the new section is posted — hopefully early this coming week — and will also tell you when the dynamic updates will be finished.

Thank you for all your support!

3-28-12 David Wilcock Interview of Drake, “an Insider specifically asked by the Pentagon ‘good guys’ to come forward”

[UPDATE 3-29-12 2210 HST: Added topics (approximate) to each part below] [UPDATE 3-29-12 1934 HST: After listening to David’s interview of Drake, both mention the failure of guns to work in the field, and the likely intervention of “Higher Ups” in this. Sounds like this will be detailed more in Sections II & III of David’s latest article. Just a heads up.]

From David’s Divine Intervention article:

I am on the plane to this weekend’s conference in Austin. You are about to hear a stunning interview with Drake, an insider specifically asked by the Pentagon “good guys” to come forward and explain what is going to be done. I was blown away by the information he was giving. If you didn’t already believe this was really going to happen, this may very well change your mind. I ran Drake through an extensive validation process with one of my top insiders and he passed with flying colors. He is the real deal.
We have an urgent-status rush transcription order for our Divine Cosmos Transcription Team on this, and will get it posted ASAP.”

These should certainly be most mind opening, I’m sure. I have not listened to them yet. But wanted to get them out ASAP.

I have broken this into 30 minute parts (5 MB each). Also, I have saved it in a much smaller size (and lower mp3 quality, but very hear-able) than David’s originals, so should be much easier for lower internet speed users to download.

Download in 30-minute parts, 5 MB each [note: topics below are very general and approximate, but give a rough idea what is in each part]

Part 1a [Introduction to Drake]
Part 1b [Explanation of the Process ongoing and legalities]
Part 2a [Why the Military will be here, how they will be assisting; the plan]
Part 2b [Preparations each individual may take prior to the arrests process]
Part 3a [History and operations outside of US]
Part 3b [Summary of what will happen; latest news]

Here is the website and blog Drake mentions in Part 1a:

[To download the original (larger, higher quality) mp3s at David’s site, click here]