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Adama via Kata: The Pineal Gland and the Crystalline Matrix of the Universe

Adama through Kata

Greeting to the Masters.

What a great scenario to unfold in your planetary paradigm. I am Adama and I am here with Saint Germain the Master of Transformation. We are greeting you with all those Ascended Masters who were assigned a long time ago in your linear measurement to be here now, and assist with all the changes you are experiencing in every level of your existence.

Indeed you have entered the final chapter of the planetary changes that were planned based on the cosmic cycles a very long time ago. Vibrational changes are on the horizon with much intensity. You are simply in the middle of those changes you were prepared for, before your recent physical assignment.

The planet is ready for the transformation. The same readiness is valid from your side. All that will unfold is not in a future time anymore. In whatever form, these transformational energies can be brought into your reality field. Just stay tuned to the navigational system your heart is connected to. There is a delicate balance between your newly forming mind set and the heart. Brain and heart are connected in a way that could not have been presented earlier. Your mind is ready to feel while your heart is ready to think. This is the most important sign of the readiness.

There is this mysterious center in the middle of your mind set. This tiny organ is the living center of your consciousness in the physical, and still your recent science knows little about it. The Pineal Gland is transforming into its ancient beauty. There are phases of this reactivation. As I said your recent science understands only a fragment of its great importance and its connection to the upcoming physical adjustments your body needs to go through. If you really feel the call to start remembering this center in your head, then a reactivation dance can start and continue to reach to your interdimensional heart through some very distinct steps. These steps were called the Initiation path in your ancient mystery schools in the past. Now this reactivation is available for all of you. It does not mean anybody without any primary conditioning can access it. It simply means that many are capable to maintain these primary conditions.

This reconnection was symbolized by our ancient term ‘The Blue Jewel in the White Lotus’. This is like a blue flame merging with the pearly white – it will open the gate with ease for all the adjustments your physical needs to go through. This is happening now with many of you and it is happening to the planet. Continue reading


Ascended Master Adama of Telos: Truth and Reconciliation Approaches

Greeting dear brothers and sisters of the light! As you hear there is a great deal of activity in your world and beyond toward the ascension of the cosmos. Directly speaking there is great activity in removal of the darkness and the advancement of the light in the earth realm. In your terms we are speaking of a tremendous co-creation experience between the creator, the company of light, Gaia and humanity. There should be a realization of the amount of synchronization and alignment of activities that are required to manifest this effort. Only the creator knows the exact time that the flood gates of truth and reconciliation will be opened.

Image if you would a safe that holds the truth and reconciliation of your planet. The combination for the safe is a very large amount of numbers and turns. Now see that each number is held within a safe and each individual safe must open before the master safe opens. Once all the smaller safes are open and the numbers for the master safe are secured, the master safe will be opened by the creator. No entity in creation know the exact moment the creator will open the safe.

The creator has decreed that this event will occur and we the company of light are working on the last number of the master safe. In this knowing you should take heart and see how you want your new life to be. For it is up to you to co-create the new earth realm together. So we turn this conversation to what you can do to prepare for this event.

After the truth of about your history and how you have been controlled is released, you will be on a learning spree. There will be much knowledge for you to take in about the past and what is in store for the future. During this phase you will be making a choice about whether to continue in the earth realm or move to another one of a matching vibration. Many souls will choose to stay in the lower realms and within the love of the creator that is perfect for them. Those of you wishing to move forward will be assisted in your need to ascend into the higher realms. Continue reading

Message from Ascended Master Adama of Telos – Your Ascension is the exspansion of your love and compassion for one another.

I can see you touching the light of eternal peace. I see you grasping the light and transmuting it to a flame. I see this flame transmuting your energy. One by one we see you all moving and blazing the eternal flame toward cleansing your energy back to its original perfection. As you do this we see you moving your reality into love and compassion. With this love and compassion you are building the foundation of the new earth reality. What a wonderful site to behold.

You are moving into a world that has no more fear and all have an abundance of what they need. Do you see how everyone will learn to hold their hand out to each other and help one another. My dear ones you have been needing to learn that you are all one together. You have learned that what you do to another will also happen to you.

In this great time of expansion of love and compassion you will see how your new power of compassion will change your reality. How you do this is by the removal of all lower energies that have given rise to fear and immorality. As you rise up in vibration with Gaia you are finding that the lower energies of fear, hate, greed and revenge no longer feel good. You all are beginning to recognize the pain that is associated with unnatural acts. Continue reading

A Message form Ascended Master Adama of Telos – March 23, 2012

We come to you from a place that has only love and compassion. Long ago we made the transition from lower energies you have been in into the higher realms of peace and joy. We see your journey is taking hold and a new way of peace is emerging for all. How we did this is the same way you are progressing into the light. We send you a message of love and determination toward your movement into the light.

We see many more of you awakening to your new energies daily. We see the total vibration of your human consciousness rising and the dark lower energies receding. As you move into the core of your BEING the truth will shine through. You will begin to see things in a much different light than ever before. You will notice the beauty and divinity in all things. You will feel the oneness between yourself and all creation. This is an act of unconditional love within itself! Your inner beauty will shine forth in purity and radiance of joy.

Within the unity of the human consciousness their will be a tremendous compassion developed. In your compassion you will find it no longer tolerable to see someone in pain and need. You will stretch out your hands and help others into the radiance of the creators light. The value of this act is returned to you in the manifestation of your cosmic citizenship. This event will forever change how you think and interact with each other and all others of the universe.

I am telling you about your future my divine ones. Soon you will ascend into unity and connect with your cosmic knowledge and heritage. This may not seem possible to you however, you will accomplish all this very soon. Look and see yourself as ascended and free right now. Free to help yourself and your bothers and sisters around your world. Bring your compassion and love and wear it on your sleeve. Fear not, the dark ones that controlled you for so long are now hiding from your light. In a short time they will no longer be able to stay in your presence. Once you are standing in your power of divinity we will be able to be with you on the surface again. We look forward to this with great anticipation and joy.

I am Adama of Telos and I wish you peace and unconditional love. Call on me and I will connect to you and send you my love energy!

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A message form Adama of Telos – October 29, 2011

Transmission through: mylightwarrior

Hello my dear friends itis a special time in your path of evolution. You all know you are on a journeyof evolution into the light of the creator. This journey is about tosignificantly change and these changes have been planned for eons of time. Theold systems of your holographic experience are being shut down and new systemssupporting a golden age are being installed. As these systems come on line youwill experience greater and greater changes in your governance and financialsystems. This change will lead into the delivery of peace, joy and abundancefor you all.

During this period oftransformation look to the future and see peace and abundance for your self andothers. Hold this dream in your heart and see it unfold into your presence. Inthe higher dimensions your new world has already been born and is steadilymoving into you realm of perception.  Werejoice as we see the beauty of this dream unfolding in manifestation. Ourlonging for the delivery of peace and justice for all on our planet is beginningto enfold Gaia and all her children.

We look at you all in loveand want you to know that the prosperity and abundance of the creator is beforeyou. Never has there been a time in you journey such an outpouring ofunconditional love and light has been given to you and Gaia. The creator hasordered that earth and humanity will proceed into a new experience within thehigher realms. We are at the foundational development of the new age. The oldsystems of greed, power and separation will not be a part of the system. Thenew system is one of peace, unity and abundance for all. The new system will beintertwined with unconditional love and compassion. There will be an outpouringof care and assistance all of humanity, the earth and all the earth’s inhabitants.

After the foundation ofthe golden age is laid new wonders and joys will abound. Your life will be oneof joyful creation and being. New amazing technologies and travel to anywhereone wished will be the norm. We look forward to this time in being one with youin this experience.

With love in the oneinfinite creator!

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A Message from Adama of Telos – October 2, 2011

Telepathic messagethrough: mylightwarrior
As we enter the month of October I feel the stirring of your hearts. The energy of the great central sunis awakening your souls to the power of unity and connection. You see this throughout the world as humanity awakens to a higher way of existence. This new way in the light is removing the darkness and replacing it with ways of honesty and integrity within each life.
During this month the energy will quicken and time will seem to speed up all through this month into the year 2012. Through this time a great cleansing and rebirth shall take place in your life and all others. This rebirth will take you back into the beauty and perfection of your true god nature. This nature was lost while you experienced the lower vibrations of the 3rd dimensional school. We ask you to come together in unity and connect and move into the light. It is your destiny to be one with us in the higher dimensions of learning where wewill grow and serve others in a quest back into the heart and mind of the creator.
All of these happenings bring out an enthusiasm in us and quickens us to assist you in your ascension journey. We the people of Telos hold a special bond as your inner earth cousins. This bond is one of love that has never left us since the fall of Atlantis. There are many things we are ready to share with you about your true linage and history. There is great technology that will bring you the comfortand joy you deserve as you grow in the light.
Many great things are being accomplished to ensure your ascension into the next level of development. Do your part by focusing on peace harmony and balance. Show yourself as a light for other to follow. Have no fear as your world changes as the new will bring amuch greater peace and joy than you currently have. Know that there are great beings of light here to support you. They only need your approval to assist you due to the law of free will. Ask and they will assist you in your ascension.
As the people of your world band together to plea and demonstrate for justice, honesty and compassion from your governance and finance system remember to act in peace. You will be victorious in your effort through peaceful actions. The weight of the many souls in the light will break the will of the few dark entities holding back the changes into the new age.
I Adama and the people of Telos assist you in love and unity with the infinite creator!
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A Message from Adama of Telos – September 27, 2011

Telepathic message by:mylightwarrior

Hello my dear friends it is I Adama of Telos who calls to you joyously from my home in Telos, under Mt.Shasta. In your linear time your ascension into the higher realms draws nearer.We ask you to stay focused in your commitment to growing in the light and support your transition into the new energies with peace and joy. Remove yourself from the lower vibrations of anger and fear. Be born into the new earth with a bright purpose of love and connection with the Earth, all her lifeforms and the rest of humanity.Your transition is one of seeing and being aware of ways that are no longer suited for you. See, know, feel and change to align yourself with purity of heart and love for others. You will know deep down that you are here to serve and help one another.
Move away from your ego and serving yourself with things that are not serving your ascension. You do this by testing each choice you make in the awareness of your divine nature. You call yourselves into this divine nature by moving into a constant state of presence. At first this may present itself as a difficult task. With focus and intent you will move into this higher state of awareness at all times.
You see it is all how you look at making a choice in your life. You know that you already test each choice you make before you make it. You know that if the choice is not alignment with your divine nature a feeling of wrong is present before the choice. Then why make a choice that is not in alignment with your divine nature. Your divine nature knows what is best for you and your divine plan.
Choices not aligned with your divine nature are based in fear, anger, sorrow, and you are worried about a belief of your ego. You change this by perseverance, tolerance, forgiveness,honesty and integrity and a pure determination to ascend into a higher way of existence. You will make plenty of mistakes and more success than failure. Overtime you will bring yourself into alignment with your divinity.
Always keep in mind that you are not alone in your journey. An important power is to ask the Angels and Ascended Masters for help. We are bound by your free will and you have to ask us for assistance. Without your approval we can not act in your behalf.
Seek and you will find and ask and we will help!
Yours in unity with the infinite creator! Adama