Mylightwarrior – Human Cosciousness Creates by Universal Laws

  I AM Jon a Human, one anointed in the Energies of the Christ and initiated into the Collective of the Christ Consciousness. My, our purpose with, in, and through the Christ Energies is to assist the Human Collective Consciousness to construct a new Consciousness in alignment with the True Nature of Existence. The LAWs of the Universe are constant and unchanging and operate on the level of Consciousness. We are speaking of Cause and Effect, Bonding and Repulsion with Electromagnetic systems operating at the smallest unit of creation to the largest. Universal Laws of Existence relate ONLY to activities of consciousness and are undeviating. Universal Law relates to the causative factor of Consciousness. This causative factor is attract/magnetize electric particles that bond together and appear as solid form and experiences. 

YOUR personal CONSCIOUSNESS is responsible for whatever comes into YOUR life and personal experiences. Through YOUR thoughts and intentions you CAUSE and EFFECT, YOU BOND and REPULSE the solid form and experiences YOU create for YOURSELF. WE the Christ tell YOU that you are responsible for YOURSELF, others can only assist and guide, its up to YOU to change YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS.

Changing YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS is accepting responsibility for the TOTALITY of ALL YOU ARE. Taking responsibility for your thoughts, intentions, actions, and emotions. It is looking at your BEING and DOING in all aspects of WHO and WHAT you are. It is taking action to purify and cleanse yourself by BEING and DOING in ALL WAYS what is best for your highest good and the highest good of others.

In this modern world most individuals have developed that belief that only what is physically done or seen has any bearing or effect on themselves or others. In our Universal realm this is the OPPOSITE of really what happens. We live within a electromagnetic system where THOUGHT IMPULSES are the CAUSATION of EFFECT and polarity and vibration of these thoughts creates a BONDING or REPULSION which creates solid form and experiences. Although these electromagnetic impulses are subtle, divine consciousness which is active with, in, and through ALL THAT EXIST in our universe receives and responds to YOUR thoughts.  It is through this arrangement within DIVINE MIND that we are co-creating our experiences in the Earth reality.

So if you want to change your life you must change your consciousness and to do this it starts with YOUR THOUGHTS. The thought impulse is the first action of creation and manifestation of your reality. You must become responsible for YOUR thoughts. YOU must understand thoughts create. Be the watcher, be aware and make changes to your thoughts. Create new thought patterns associated with unconditional love, nurturing and health. When you see anger coming change your thoughts using affirmations of peace. BE AWARE that what you HEAR, SEE and DO creates patterns within YOUR consciousness that trigger thought impulses in alignment with what YOU have HEARD, SEEN or DONE! SO what do YOU watch on TV? What do YOU look at on the internet? What are your activities of interest? If you truly want to ascend into a better way of life, one that is abundant and stress free YOU must change what YOU put into your system and focus on having pure thoughts, intentions and emotions.

Be patient with yourself. Ascension into ENLIGHTENMENT and the CHRIST CONSCIOUSNESS, a higher way of BEING and DOING is a subtle journey. YOU are not alone! Remember that we said all of the UNIVERSE is CONSCIOUS and reactive to your thoughts and emotions. A prayer is thoughtful intent sent out to the UNIVERSAL AWARENESS, FATHER-MOTHER GOD, HEART OF ONE, the Divine aspects of ALL CREATION. Therefore pray to the UNIVERSAL FOR ASSISTANCE and at all times strive to achieve unconditional love.

I Jon, We the Christ radiate our love to ALL OF HUMANITY….


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