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Archangel Raphael. “Jump For Joy And Be Wildly Happy!

 By, AuroRa Le. May 19, 2012.

Rejoice, Dear Ones, and be happy, bright and full of joy. As you arise each morning, greet the day with arms wide open and be ready to embrace the next adventure. A new day is a fresh beginning, an opportunity for review, improvement and regeneration. It is another chance to share the best of everything you are, and all the things you know you are becoming. Feel the warmth of the sun on your skin, taste the rain upon your tongue, walk headlong into the whispering wind and let your hair blow free. Feel the cool sensation of the dewy grass against your feet.

The warm embrace of a loved one, the softness of a puppy’s coat, the crispy tang of a fresh picked apple…Divine experiences, each and every one, to be cherished and revered. These are the priceless moments that characterize the uniqueness of the Human incarnation. It is what serves to set it apart from any other experience available across the galaxies and throughout the dimensions. The Earthly experience is the jewel in the crown of the most adventurous traveler; sought after by many, enjoyed by comparatively few.

You were chosen to be here for your savvy and expertise, your goodness, kindness and purity of heart. You are the brave pioneers who will lift Gaia up to her greatest heights, and usher in the sparkling new Platinum Age. Look around you and behold all that you have accomplished. Then say yes, I Am brilliant. I Am courageous.

I Am successful. I Am love embodied in Human form. I Am a flawless reflection of the Mother and Father’s perfection and grace. Speak these words and feel the elation rise from deep within your core. Jump for joy! Dance and sing and giggle like a child. Laugh at that which offends you. Dry your neighbors tears and show them mercy, enfold them in the loving arms of peace. Then bless, bless, bless… Continue reading


Archangel Raphael: The Benefits of Alignment and the New Energies

Everything comes into direct alignment when you let go.

The normal things which you turn your attention to unfold in your awareness; suddenly you find yourself tuning into a future events. Knowing what will unfold. Sensing the way to approach things. You can, in this mode, experiment! You can try out different things and you will very clearly KNOW what will give you the experience you desire. It’s a beautiful space to be in—absorb the possibilities here for fine-tuning your manifestations!

You will soon have these experiences more as part of your regular routine. The act of getting into alignment energetically, which liberates these experiences, can be done in many ways—by walking, by listening to music, by being out in nature—the things which tip you into that slightly altered state described by some as A1. It’s a perfect space in which to not only understand your future, but choose which of the many options you’ve been creating, feels most right. As you approach a manifestation, or the creation or arrival of a time/space point in which you will experience your creation, the ability to slip into this space when you turn your attention to a topic or an upcoming event and create within it, is amplified: for the event is closer to physical form at this moment. Continue reading

Heavenly Blessings with Archangel Raphael

Linda Dillon, Graham Dewyea and the Council of Love share gifts and blessings from the Heavenly Realm through meditation, channeling and conversation.

Our guest this week will be Archangel Raphael who will share his gifts of healing.

This show aims to assist Lightworkers on their individual journey and also to build support and mutuality within the Lightworker community, the higher realms, and with our star brothers and sisters.

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Mother Earth by Archangel Raphael

Channelled through Natalie Glasson

March 11, 2012

Each of you are angelic beings upon the Earth, selflessly giving of our light and love from the depths of your soul, I honour your realization of this within your being. It is your purpose at this time and all times to share your light and love from the very depths and origins of your soul.

This is the time of empowerment for the soul of the Creator and for the aspects of the Creator you hold within you, it is a time to empower your soul knowing that this action and intention is a catalyst that will positively influence the entire universe of the Creator. Love your soul and love loving your soul.

Empower your soul by placing your focus upon your soul’s expression at all times, know that this will allow your truth to expand and develop free from boundaries. Empowerment of your soul is like opening the curtains or blinds in your home in the morning to let the sun shine in brightly, it allows for the Creator to enter into all realities upon the Earth, the inner planes and the Creator’s universe. I honour your soul as I stand with you, I am Archangel Raphael.

It is my wish to bring forth wisdom connected to Mother Earth that assists your connection with Mother Earth but also allows for your heart chakra to expand further. By expanding your heart chakra you are creating a wonderful space for your soul’s expansion and expression. A connection with Mother Earth at this time will allow the new energies of this time to be grounded more fully into the Earth and many realities assisting in its manifestation.

Not only will a connection with Mother Earth allow you to deal with the energies with greater ease but will amplify and magnify your current spiritual growth experiences.

The main reason for my connection today is because the Creator wishes for those upon the Earth who feel a resonance and love for the Earth to create a deeper connection of love with Mother Earth. There is a needed to create a love connection like a thread of love that allows you to exist with Mother Earth in greater oneness and therefore support the ascension of all.

You have so much love within your being to share and express, there is a need for you to link with the soul of Mother Earth to share your abundant love. In return she will share her loving energy and amplify the vibration of your being.

In the past you have been asked to connect with Mother Earth in order to share and receive love but on this occasion a heart chakra connection is needed. The Creator is working upon the ascension of Mother Earth. Mother Earth is therefore growing, expanding, increasing in vibration and new consciousness is anchoring into her light. Just as we would imagine a human to grow as they move through their ascension, Mother Earth is achieving the same.

The Creator wishes for those who feel a resonance to align their heart chakras with Mother Earth to distribute the transformation that is occurring within the soul of Mother Earth.
You will act as a transmitter of Mother Earth’s energy, light, enhanced consciousness and transformation. Mother Earth holds the caring, compassionate, loving, creative and wise energies of the Goddess light which is needed on the Earth at this time to bring balance between the masculine and feminine energies.

Mother Earth’s ascension is divinelylinked to the goddess energies along with the great purity of all that is the Creator. With the connection of your heart chakra with the heart chakra of Mother Earth, you will be able to receive and transmit the wisdom and consciousness as well as the goddess vibration, expressing it from your being into your reality upon the Earth.

There is a need to anchor this energy back into the physical Earth body of Mother Earth to allow for a merge and integration of Mother Earth’s transformation process. Often when
humans travel on their path of ascension the physical body can have difficulty in absorbing and integrating the high vibrations, it takes time for the physical body to adjust and often there is a deep cleansing which can occur and manifests as an illness of some sort.

Mother Earth is very similar in her ascension, sometimes it is difficult for her to anchor the energies of her soul and aspects of the Creator into her physical body and so these are time when we ask humanity to be of assistance and to act as the anchors and integrators. Each person on the Earth is far more connected and at one with Mother Earth than is realized. You have many of the same energies, vibrations and energetic patterns within your physical body as is within the Earth. Each person is a natural channel for the light of the Creator into the Earth as Mother Earth is a natural channel for the light of the Creator into humanity.

Before your incarnation onto the Earth you consented that your ascension would be achieved with the assistance of the Earth but you also consented to be at one with Mother Earth, to be there to offer assistance and to aid her ascension. It is important to realize that by aiding Mother Earth’s ascension you are enhancing your own ascension but you are also playing a large part in the ascension of the all within the Creator’s universe.

Mother Earth is the essence energy or soul energy of the Earth, many label this soul ‘Mother Earth’ because she is seen as a guardian, mother figure, creation energy for souls who wish to achieve ascension on the Earth, which is all of humanity. She is a Mother nurturing souls so that they may become at one with the Creator. Humanity becomes the energy of Mother Earth as they live upon the physical body of Mother Earth.

By connecting your heart chakra with Mother Earth you are connecting with the spiritual soul energy of Mother Earth and are allowing it to flow through your being sharing greater
wisdom and vibrations with you to aid your own ascension but you will also be able to anchor the energy into the Earth, the physical body of the Earth.

You may feel guided to achieve this several times in the future as it is a way of merging Mother Earth’s profound, powerful, loving and expansive energies into her physical being so that her entire vibration may quicken. I wish to share with you instructions to achieve this.

First allow yourself to gain a deep meditative state of being and mind by focusing on your breathing.

Allow yourself to focus upon your heart chakra and to build the energy of love in your heart chakra.

Imagine the light and loving source of light that is Mother Earth; imagine a vast source of light before you.

Imagine, sense or acknowledge a core energy within the source of light that is Mother Earth, this is Mother Earth’s heart chakra.

Imagine or sense that you send a continuous beam of love from your heart chakra to the heart chakra of Mother Earth.

The more love that you send the closer you become to Mother Earth until you are existing inside Mother Earth.

Imagine, sense or acknowledge that you are sitting inside Mother Earth’s heart chakra, receiving and breathing in the loving vibrations and energy that Mother Earth wishes to share with you. Breathe the energy in through your heart chakra and as you exhale let the energy flow out through your feet or root chakra.

Practice this for as long as feels appropriate, knowing that you are anchoring the energy of Mother Earth into your being to aid your connection and open your heart chakra as well as allowing the new energies of Mother Earth to flow into her own body, the Earth.

This is a great service for the ascension of all and can be practiced as much as you feel is appropriate, you may find if you decide to practice it regularly that there will be times in your reality when you feel Mother Earth sending you energy to be anchored as she will trust that she can share her energy with you to be anchored into her physical body.

These are such times of change, transition and transformation it is important to remain focused and bathed in the light of the Creator.

With loving and healing blessings,

I am Archangel Raphael


For the Free download of this meditation you can download from this link

Archangel Raphael: Divine Communication and Healing

When one is truly focused on communicating in a divine fashion one is speaking within and through their true self. This true self is within the core of your being. Imagine that you are like an onion with many layers of energy around your divine core. Many of the layers have developed due to the lifetime choices you have made. These energies sometime supply energy to your ego self. You have to recognize that which is an energy or need of the ego from that which is based in your heart of love. You have to learn to peel and remove the layers that are not associated with your inner core. Within the core there is only truth.

These layers of false beliefs and addictions are bonded to your system till you remove them. If a layer is present you have a energitic need to feed that layer when it becomes weak. Each layer becomes an addiction of sorts and seeks to be replenished in cycles of need. Do you see the things in your life that are addictive cycles of need. These cycles of need are not the truth of who and what you are. They need to be recognized and let go of in love to remove them. As we peel these layers away we find that it is easier to be in our truth. As the layers are removed it is easier to be at peace and send love to others around you.

As you remove the layers of lower energy from your system you will gravitate to a higher vibration. The sickness and unease of the lower vibrations will not be able to cause stress or sickness within you. You will begin to communicate peace, love and unity as you approach the core of your divinity. The divinity that you are is the original blueprint of your creation. The layers of mis-creation were added within the lower vibration and darkness you lived in for many lifetimes. Now as the energy of your home planet vibrates into the higher realms we see the cleansing of the lower energies from the earth and all of its inhabitants. The company of the higher realms of unified conscious view this action with joy!

I am Archangel Raphael and I send your the unconditional love of the infinite creator!

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