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I UV – I UV Exchange Digital Currency @ “Eternal Shoes” – 19 June 2013



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5DMediaNetworkd – The Remembering Blogtalk Radio – 15 June 2013

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Sydney Time :  June 15, 2013 @ 10:00 am – 11:00 am, Europe June 16, 2013 @ 02.00- 03.00 am

Join Emilio and Darius for The Remembering…

This coming week, the 17th / 18th of may we will have special guest Bob on the show disscussing his pysical experiences with et’s and his involvment with them.

Brian Kelly’s Blog : I’m Back! RTS : June 13th Update : Coming together, Project XIII, I UV, and all IN-Body-ments Coming together, Project XIII, I UV, And All IN-Body-ments – 14 June 2013

I’m Back!! RTS: June 13th UPDATE: Coming together, Project XIII, I UV, and all IN-Body-ments

June 13, 2013

After a long journey home, I’m back in San Diego! I must admit I already miss my Moroccan family terribly. It will probably take me a day or two to process everything that happened in Morocco and the Sahara desert. While I was only there for about three weeks, it truly felt like I was there for years. So much happening and so much to report. For now, I leave you with an update from D and a photo from one of the few places we stayed while in the desert. Simply magical 🙂

Well my friends, I know I’ve been seriously delinquent with the updates, but life has conspired to keep me away from the computer. We’ve tried to record things here, but then can’t get them uploaded to post as we’ve been so ridiculously busy. I’m considering trying to do recorded updates, where I just talk it all through….. but then I’d still have to get them uploaded, lol!

On the TCI show Tuesday night, during the second hour, Lisa, Bob, Mark and I talked about our experiences in the Sahara Desert. Before the show we sat around talking and the over whelming question was “How can we possibly explain all that happened?!” How do you put into words something so profound that it defies language? Continue reading