Steve Beckow – Estimating Dimensionality

QuestionsI’ve just had a friend ask me whether we’re in the Fourth or Fifth or higher dimension. She suggested that different sources say different things.

The difficulty in answering that question is that it depends on what and who we’re talking about.

If we’re discussing our bodies, then my understanding from Archangel Michael as of June 11, 2013 is that “with this shift in form to crystalline — … those of you who are listening are about, hmm, 86 to 90 percent there.” (1) By “there” I think he means Fifth Dimensionality.

But if we’re talking about our consciousnesses rather than our physical form, then it would be, I think, much more difficult to say where a person is. Some will still be in Third Dimensionality; some in Fourth; some in Fifth; and some higher.

Matthew Ward phrased the matter this way:

“As mentioned in previous messages, Earth’s populace is in fourth density as far as location, but many have not yet reached this density consciously or spiritually. … We cannot emphasize too strongly how greatly your light is needed to help your society advance in conscious and spiritual awareness!” (2)

So Matthew may be talking about the general population and consciousness but another source might be talking about just the bodies of lightworkers. We’d be comparing apples and oranges if we compared the two statements.

Archangel Michael reminded us that we’re talking about a whole world here and it isn’t easy to make generalizations about dimensionality when talking about such a large collective of individuals all of whom possess free will. Here is part of that conversation:

Steve Beckow:  Okay. So perhaps we could spend, then, the next half-hour reviewing where we are at the present moment with full restoration of consciousness. Could you start with where our bodies are at in their transition from carbon-based to crystalline-based, please?

Archangel Michael:  Well, it is not a standard for all beings. Understand that.

SB:  Yes.

AAM:  And also understand, as I say this, that it is not that some are ahead of others. It is simply a process that you are undergoing of shifting your essence from one form to another.

Some are more speedy. For example, when you get up in the morning there are some of you who dress in five minutes and there are some of you who take an hour. It is not that one form is right or wrong; it is simply different.

But having said that, you, as a collective, and particularly within the lightworker community, are almost complete in what you would think of as this transition. Now, it is not so for the general populace, but it is well underway, certainly well above what you would think of as the fiftieth percentile. (3)

So even in this passage, Archangel Michael appears to shift from discussing our bodies to discussing our consciousnesses. And from discussing the general populace to discussing lightworkers. I think he illustrates in a single passage the difficulty in coming up with clear and simple answers to what are complex questions.

I think that many of the subjects we want answers from the Company of Heaven on don’t permit one-size-fits-all responses. The more accuracy we want, the more we descend into territory where many variables must be taken into consideration.

I’d imagine that’s what accounts for what seem to be varying answers from our sources on “where we are” at any one moment. It isn’t a satisfying situation perhaps, but, if accuracy is what we want, it may be unavoidable.


(1) “Archangel Michael: It is Time to Awaken Fully Now – Part 1/2,” June 11, 2013, at

(2) Matthew’s Message, June 11, 2013, at

(3) “Archangel Michael,” ibid.


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