Brazil Burns – Protestors set Fire To Legislative Assembly in Rio de Janeiro BraziL. Police Firing At Protestors With Assault Rifles – 19 June 2013

InvestmentWatchAs many as 200,000 demonstrators marched through the streets of Brazil’s biggest cities on Monday in a swelling wave of protest tapping into widespread anger at poor public services, police violence and government corruption.

Brazil is under Siege: Protest in all Major Cities. Rio 100 thousands, Sao Paulo, 65 thousands. Brasilia, Capital: Congress was invaded.

Brazil riots: Tens of thousands of demonstrators march through city streets in widespread anger over gov’t corruption

“At this time, we are unsure on what is going on in Brazil, but the mainstream media isn’t reporting this. Something is up. All we have on this breaking news story is this photograph and the video of the protestors in the streets of Rio de Janeiro.

~Updates will come as they become available~”

Twitter blowing up..

Police using Assault Rifles and Pistols on Protest.


Entirely country is on the street, more than 1 million people on the streets just in the city of Rio de Janeiro, more than 200 cities joined in. Internacional midia try to cover up whats going on because of Fifa World Cup 2014. Other countries go for the street too: France, USA, Italy, Germain, Canada, Portugal, and many more. No one talks about it! MILLIONS ON THE STREET RIGHT NOW.


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