Dana Mirkich – The Coffee Angel

coffeeI came across a hilarious yet profound Facebook post today by Cameron Steele, co-founder of Contact Talk Radio. Cameron wrote:

“I have to run some errands and while driving by the starbucks in our neighborhood I see a huge line of cars and decide to pass on it not wanting to wait in line. I have to stop at the 711 to use the atm machine… So I am walking into the 711 (fumbling) I might add as there are two of us trying to get in the door. I turn to the other fellow and say go ahead…as it turns out we are both going to the atm machine and he offers me to go first. I again say its fine you go first. From there:

Him: let me buy you a coffee

Me: no I don’t drink 711 coffee its ok thank you

Him: well then a starbucks

Me: (I am thinking to myself that I have to get in the car drive back and wait in the lineup. I did not want to) so I said no its ok really

Him: no really let me get you a coffee

Me : really its ok (again thinking about the line)

Him: let me buy you a fucking coffee

Me: ok fine I will go on with you and get it then

Him: no you wait in your car and I will go in and get it

Me: ok thank you very much

Him : coming back with a coffee in hand .. There you go my good deed for the day is done. Have a great day !

Me: you too and thank you very much.”


Reading this story reminded me of how often our peeps upstairs (the universe/source/our higher self/whatever you want to call it) must try to help us, meanwhile we respond with ‘No thanks, I’m all good with this struggle!’ How many times do they send us signs saying look up here, look up here, but our eyes are too focused on our problems to notice? How many times do we receive a nudge via our intuition saying go this way, go this way, but we talk ourselves out of action because of all the obstacles we perceive will be in our way? We regularly make ‘manifestation’ lists that go something like this: Get a better job, to earn more money, so that I can finally take that trip, buy that house or have more freedom. Meanwhile our peeps upstairs are shouting out: “Just ask us outright for the trip/the house/the freedom already!!! It’s right here!!!”

Cameron wanted the coffee, but didn’t like the thought of having to wait in line. A coffee angel shows up, saying he’ll get the coffee – but even then the thought of ‘the line’ prevented him from saying yes. Meanwhile the coffee angel has another way planned, a much easier and faster way. Finally, after absolute insistence and persistence on his part, the coffee angel won out and Cameron won out too – by saying yes and allowing himself the easy coffee!

I feel like this coffee angel showed up to remind us all that there are energies at work constantly trying to help us, support us and make life easier for us – but too often it is we that get in our own way. I’m going to be blunt here: so many of us are terrible at receiving! I’m not just talking about material things. It includes things like receiving compliments, receiving joy from simple things, receiving self-love or self-praise. Meanwhile if those are issues for us we can be guaranteed that the universe is constantly placing things/experiences/people in our path to help us with this.

Where are the coffee angels in your life? They come in the form of synchronicities, gut instincts, feelings, dreams and desires that won’t go away, people that say something to you that gives you a lightbulb moment of clarity or offer to do something to help you. Or when the universe really wants to make sure you get it, it may just be in the form of someone saying: let me buy you a f’ing coffee!

(c) Dana Mrkich 2013Permission is granted to share this article freely on the condition that the author is credited, and the URL www.danamrkich.com is included.


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