BRAZIL PROTESTS: Understand Why The People Of Brazil Are Going To The Streets (Video In English)

InvestmentWatch This is important info as it shows also in Brazil the people are not taking the inequality and greed anymore and are protrait as vandals and terrorists for wanting to protest freely and police is hasted in to end any protests.)

We need your support to spread this message!

And this is how the police is responding to the protests..

Brazil Maracana stadium protest ends in clashes

Hundreds of protesters in Brazil have clashed with riot police near Rio de Janeiro’s Maracana football stadium.

Police fired tear gas minutes before the kick-off of a Confederations Cup tie between Italy and Mexico.

Protesters were complaining about the high cost of the tournament and the 2014 World Cup, in a country still lacking in public services.

A similar protest took place before the opening match on Saturday. Further protests are planned across Brazil.



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