5DMediaNetwork – No Law Requiring You Pay Income Tax

5D-medianetworkIf you watch Aaron Russo’s 2006 documentary, America From Freedom To Fascism, you’ll find it covers topics such as…

  • the Internal Revenue Service (IRS),
  • the Federal Reserve System,
  • national ID cards (REAL ID Act),
  • human-implanted RFID tags,
  • Diebold electronic voting machines,
  • globalization,
  • Big Brother,
  • taser weapons abuse, and
  • the alleged use of terrorism by the government as a means to diminish the citizens’ rights.

You’ll also find its primary focus falls to the question of legality in the requiring of citizens to pay personal Income Taxes. Russo, the Director of mainstream movies such as Trading Places with Eddie Murphy, discovered through extensive research that the term “income” is not defined in the US Tax Code at all. It has, however, been clarified by the Supreme Court in cases such as Merchant Loan Trust vs. Smietanka, 255 US 509 as, having the same meaning in all of the Income, Tax Acts of Congress that was given to it in the Corporation Excise Tax Act of 1909. Thus, if you go back and read that Act, as Russo did, you’ll find the Supreme Court ruling holds “income,” in our revenue laws, is synonymous with corporate profit, not personal wages and earnings.

We’ll leave you to position yourself with this issue, and with this 5:15 clip from Russo’s documentary.

Watch Full Movie: 1:37:42 @ http://youtu.be/gKToYTOE128

Watch the Director’s Cut of the movie: 2:28:41 @ http://youtu.be/ZKeaw7HPG04


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