Pete – Y2K All Over Again??? Stay In Your Power!!

We are at the cusp of a major energetic shift & we know it is coming by the way the enegies keep increasing! The summer soltice June 21st seems to be a great possibility for something major to happen & this is followed by the SUPER MOON on the 23rd!!  There is all kinds of disinfo & misinfo coming out to instill fear! Don’t pay attention to anything that has fear attached to it. Take it as info & let it go. I myself know that I AM protected by the LIGHT. Stay in your power & nothing affects you unless you ALLOW it too!!!

Remember as we were approaching the millenium?? All the fear being pushed on everyone & nothing happened.
Now we have fear coming at us about June 21st to try to keep us from connecting on an ENERGETIC POWERHOUSE day. WHY?

Why do I have to listen to an audio to learn how to protect myself ?? Or is there an ulterior motive to the audio???

Please use your own discernment before you do anything! You are your own Saviour, NOBODY ELSE! THERE IS NO BOOGEY MAN UNLESS YOU CREATE HIM!!


Shared by Chris :    Julien  Update: Psychic Defence

In this update Julian and I are joined by Andrew Bartzis to discuss a topic mentioned in his recent interviews on the Walking in Energy and The Transitioning shows, that the PTW are aggressively using telepaths operating as remote observers and influencers to reinforce the disruption
and disinformation campaigns they are running using Trolls. They also use entities called etheric fleas and etheric parasites to negatively effect and control individuals as part of these attacks.

Andrew states that a plan exists to flood the Internet with these technologies on June 21st 2013. Forums and Skype rooms could be badly affected and disrupted. Defending yourself against these attacks is relatively straight forward and is explained in detail by Andrew.

Please pass this link on to anyone who will resonate. These psychic technologies and programs are truly disgusting and have been used against us for decades. The more people who have this information and act on it, the less effect these disgusting programs will have on The One People from this point forward.


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