Consciousness Re-Birth

Uploaded on 17 May 2013 by muse25923

So much has been hidden from view….

In the Spirit of Love and Truth this is gifted to each and every unique embodiment of the ONE.
I bid adieu to Ages past- the Polarian, Hyperborean ,Lumerian and Atlantean.
I give thanks for the Perfection of each Cycle and the Experiences offered for Evolution of Consciousness.
Many seek a return to that which is past.
Know this….To look back is to remain stagnant.
Our current world is but the end of the Atlantean and Ages of Olde. All was not well in those days…the balance tipped.
Consciousness Re-Birth is here, in this MOMENT, in this NOW.
Seek within, not without….for the Balance IS NOW.
With it comes equilibrium; Peace, Love, Joy and Stillness.
From the point within the Heart of Creation-CREATE ANEW, knowing that you are Connected to ALL THINGS in HEAVEN and EARTH.
For you ARE GODS of the firmament and CHILDREN of the STARS.
Go in LOVE, Go in PEACE and do not participate in that which you do not believe.

‘May the Goddess Manifest Abundance in the Joy of Union’.- 2013


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